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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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David Norfolk
Just now, Danny Moore said:

Do you know if there will be a non-dumbo livery?

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Yes, i have a A320 Spirit in the works but i need to sort out some stuff

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Artur Araripe

Some shots from yesterday.


My new office for the time being



Gotta love them sharkies amirite


I love that the route map plots the MCDU route instead of the p3d .PLN so u dont need to go FLT PLN hopping anymore

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Florian Wolf
11 minutes ago, Camille MOUCHEL said:

When are you releasing DLH 320/321 SL version:)?

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I've finished most of the details yesterday, so I will finish up the New Colours and then I'll have to save the Regs and test them all.

I would expect to be finished with the New Colours Fleet-Pack this afternoon/evening and the Old Colours Fleet-Pack this weekend.





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Maz Elzubir
4 minutes ago, Matth1a5 Knu€tt€l said:

First flight with the Sharkies out of MUC



What are your HDR/Shader settings. The colour looks AMAZING!

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Florian Wolf
14 minutes ago, Tobias Schock said:


These rain effects in Hamburg are really terrible:ph34r::lol:

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Petri Koivisto

Ok yeah I love it and haven't even flown it yet. :D



Waiting for the community liveries for Finnair :ph34r: This one is missing registration from the nose gear and under the left wing...

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Marvin Toepfer
18 minutes ago, Florian Wolf said:

These rain effects in Hamburg are really terrible:ph34r::lol:

u cant even see the taxiways anymore in rain :D

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Florian Wolf
17 minutes ago, Marvin Toepfer said:

u cant even see the taxiways anymore in rain :D

just a  joke. Do you know how to diable them?

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