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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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G-NIKO working the MT1161, preparing to taxi out at Kos heading back to Gatwick on Friday evening.

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Rafal Haczek
1 hour ago, Nicolas Nycz said:

Some livery testing

Wow, some Austrian old colours! I can't wait. Danke, Nocolas!

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Norman Blackburn

In a land full of sharks its sometimes nice to return to the baby of our fleet.


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Florian Wolf
1 hour ago, Norman Blackburn said:

In a land full of sharks its sometimes nice to return to the baby of our fleet.


Norman is in his teasing mood:ph34r::D

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Florian Wolf

BCN-FRA-KBP-FRA, was actually quite a bumpy ride from BCN this morning, sadly no sharklet wingflex to enjoy :(((




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Matth1a5 Knu€tt€l

That's the SimWings-Version.

Currently the best EDDM version out there, but there is still a lot of room for improvements...

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Pascal Wagner

KORD - CYYZ. Cold flight with Ice detection, snow, fog, night lights. I m still sticking with ASCA and Envthings. But need to admit once tweaked it looks awesome. EA seems to be better but still glitchy. Have a great sunday folks. 





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Marvin Toepfer
2 hours ago, Stefan Busse said:

the good old times?





I really miss those times. I was working for airberlin and the "world was okay". Happy to see airberlin still flying virtually.


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