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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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Marvin Toepfer
1 minute ago, Rafal Haczek said:

Except for the fact he is below the clouds and you're above, plus the time of the day (lighting) is different, do try another set of clouds. There are currently 22 various sets of cumulus clouds only (and 20 cirrus sets) in REX SF3D.

yes but the problem was ASCA. i unisntalled it but the textures were still in the activesky folder under Users/Documents...and as activesky uses the addon.xml method, those textures were still loading. i got it fixed now

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G-NIKO working the MT1161, preparing to taxi out at Kos heading back to Gatwick on Friday evening.

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David Norfolk
48 minutes ago, Stu Antonio said:

Calming shots David, very nice. 
But your new profile picture is giving me nightmares.


It's the next best thing since sliced bread.

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Matthew Ashman
8 hours ago, Rafal Haczek said:

I can't say I like this SUNCLASS livery, especially this weird font.
But your repaint is FIRSTCLASS, as always. :)

Yeah, that livery is growing on me, something more interesting to paint compared to the euro white ones most operators seem to be switching to, but thanks :D 

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Stefan Busse

...finally i managed to switch to V5. It has been worth ist, so far. 









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Predrag Danicic
3 hours ago, Matth1a5 Knu€tt€l said:

Which airport is that where you are landing?

He is landing to my home airport, Belgrade (BEG/LYBE) :wub:

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