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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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Timm Rehberg

Gibraltar rotation

Spoiiiiilers, reeeeverse greeen, DECEL!!

Out here as fast as possible :D  (Water details MAX!)

Great smooth turn overhead Bilbao

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G-NIKO working the MT1161, preparing to taxi out at Kos heading back to Gatwick on Friday evening.

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Timm Rehberg
1 hour ago, Robin Locher said:

wow... :) is this with the new Paintkit? WIP?

As far as I know, John & others work with a own made paintkit to get this outstanding look!

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Daniel Reber
6 hours ago, John Tavendale said:


This one will definitely be worth a beer, John. Get yourself ready for it;)

The same livery, you might think. For the third time, that´s a fact. However, every time it has gotten better. Thank you so so much for your hard work. I think that´s appreciated by everybody here and really hard to express. Same for all the other painters who update their liveries, or at least part of their liveries for the 2nd time now. I wouldn´t even be able to deliver something like that once. 

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Rafal Haczek
8 hours ago, John Tavendale said:

Lufthansa NC

Enough of these real world photos!

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Timm Rehberg

Sorry for EZY spam again:wub:


Waving to our friends!


Incredible details to spot during sunset. Lovely windows!


Mhh..Beacon. Tasty!


VACC-Austria as always +1 on service and CPDLC usage! As well as almost every station between London and Wien. Hand-offs etc. worked VERY well via CPDLC!


Lovely info. Thx for that ;)  Giving others time to spam the frequency!


1a vectoring on the ILS!


One departure ahead. "Hundred above!"


Thx for watching! :)
The overall immersion you get on those flights is just unbelievable! Thx to everyone! :)


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Darien Barnes

After almost a whole day of crashes, I was able to get my 3rd flight off for the day. 



Edited by Darien Barnes
Wrong pic!
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Darien Barnes

Thank you to all the painters who paint for us. Big or small! And FSL! Thanks for such hard work and dedication...Everything! She comes out more gorgeous every day with more paints and more updates!


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Koen Meier

utilizing two events on vatsim.  austrains are great as always with pdc and cpdlc.


pbr looks pretty nice with gsx.



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Norman Blackburn
31 minutes ago, Alexander Sigg said:

where is the EWG Livery from? :ph34r:

From one of our talented community painters.  I’m sure they will release it shortly.

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Matth1a5 Knu€tt€l

I've already shown some pictures, and I haven't shown any yet... :ph34r:

Leaving Berlin SXF




Leaving the UK


At Lanzarote


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