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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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Christian Mohr

A bit of work in progress. Pretty cool to see what can be achieved with PBR texture mapping. The engines still need to be adressed.



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G-NIKO working the MT1161, preparing to taxi out at Kos heading back to Gatwick on Friday evening.

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Richard Nellyer

There are some moments when you realise that P3D v4.5 and the FSL make waiting for the move to V5 and whatever is beyond, bearable.....


2020-4-23_21-46-36-348 (2).jpg

2020-4-23_21-49-30-507 (2).jpg

2020-4-23_21-49-41-461 (2).jpg

2020-4-24_0-0-25-362 (2).jpg

2020-4-24_0-1-15-315 (2).jpg

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Theodoros Koutsoumpelas

Finally...my first FSLabs A320X...suddenly i feel humbled and overwhelmed...on the level!


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Stu Antonio

I really like how you start recognizing the individual styles of everyone in this thread. :)


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Theodoros Koutsoumpelas

Tweaking days , LGKR hops my playground



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Theodoros Koutsoumpelas

Leave the Monarch in Corfu and take an easy ride to Nice i said, now run Forest, i love this plane how did i sim without it...




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Robert Sutherland


Loading up at the gate. 



I have to say, I'm very impressed by AIG traffic. Here you can see planes lined up on approach to the runway.  



Positive rate, gear up...



Mount Rainier provides a lovely backdrop. 


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Theodoros Koutsoumpelas

View is captivating from Venice to Athens, but Flight Path Vector basics look very interesting, especially for a newbie, angle of attack, horizon, and fpv, so that's why you all love this airbus so much, now i see the light.





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Timm Rehberg


Spotted a lovely irish bus in Mallorca with lovely working Prepar3D v5 HF1 :wub::ph34r:
This shot is right out of the sim (clicked "v").

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Stu Antonio

Enjoying some morning coffee on Pula's observation deck (while keeping the distance of course)...


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