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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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Christoph Sebek
3 hours ago, Christian Mohr said:

Nice shot @Christoph Sebek. I tried to take OY-RCJ from LIS to KEF. Unfortunately I had a BSOD while rotating. Haven't had one of these for ages. :huh: So just one shot while preparing my flight.


Nice one, Christian.

Sorry to hear about your BSoD. That's quite unfortunate and seldom actually. Some Windows Update maybe?

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G-NIKO working the MT1161, preparing to taxi out at Kos heading back to Gatwick on Friday evening.

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Christian Mohr

@Christoph Sebek I can't tell what it was. But hopefully it won't happen again. At least I convinced myself to do a clean isntall of P3D.

Gave the flight a second attempt. Unfortunately UGCX somehow prevented the aircraft from rolling after p/b. Again no success. :(


This time parked at a gate – so no pax fall out of the a/c @Matth1a5 Knu€tt€l. ;)



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Christoph Sebek

And roughly 2 1/2 hours later we are at MRLB - who can spot the bug slapts?

  • Yes, it`s Spring already and they already show. OAT +31C. Love it. 


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Jarred Evans

Bristol to Fuerteventura, thought I try out the MK Studio Fuerteventura which has kindly been released as free. 




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K. Serhan Onur

a new one, Justsim Gazipasa LTFK;




Now, She is flying to EDDS; some where right hand side on Alanya...G4.thumb.png.fd0d62c1f4573f812c778cbf36b28ae2.png


See you at EDDS


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Cathal Kavanagh

Some pics from Aer Lingus ops, flying overhead Lisbon routing from Cork to Lanzarote, Finals on to Runway 28 at Dublin inbound from Düsseldorf and finally passing overhead Amsterdam Schiphol en-route from Prague to Dublin.




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Robbie Garrett

Positioning flight to Malta



Lovely Spring weather departing 08R at Gatwick.


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Nicolas Nycz

VLG18KA BCNTXL - Vueling loves Barcelona - do you?

Note: This is still a WIP with a couple of things to fix! ;)




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Robbie Garrett
Ramon De Valencia
2 hours ago, Christoph Sebek said:

Inbound SKMR


Try RWY01 at SKCG, great approach, i am biased of course, that´s my home city.

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Robbie Garrett
Christoph Sebek
15 hours ago, Ramon De Valencia said:

Try RWY01 at SKCG, great approach, i am biased of course, that´s my home city.

Already been there. Visited SKCG, SKRG, SKBG, now at SKMR. Will head back to Bogota then SKPS and back. Great places to fly to. ^_^

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Kian Andrews
38 minutes ago, Endrit Palushi said:

A321 at Zurich



Very nice shots what presets are you using?

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Endrit Palushi
1 hour ago, Kian Andrews said:

Very nice shots what presets are you using?

Thank you!

Currently using:

Tomato Shade preset by Visuals by Pascal + sky textures

ReShade preset - Chris.O - Elite v2.2

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In preparation for the anticipated sharklet release and because I like that airline and their livery, I decide to go for a DELTA repaint. For now, this is a fictional repaint. :D


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Sven Sappa




A short test flight for my new Livery pack, WIP. 

Of course the one and only real Lufthansa livery :lol:

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Robbie Garrett
Robbie Garrett
Stu Antonio

When the busses have room for 90 people each and you have 181 passengers....

C'mon man, hurry up, they're all waiting just for you! :D


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Robbie Garrett
Artur Araripe
4 hours ago, Martin von Dombrowski said:

Taking "Cecilia" for a ride :)




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Robbie Garrett

A mile of highway will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere! 



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