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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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Tom van der Elst

Descending into Geneva.


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Extensive update for British A320 SL pack is out. Enjoy! :)

(Important: If you have my previous textures installed ,you must delete previous installed Texture.BAW G-EUXY folders and Texture.BAW320-SL folder before installing the new one)



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I would like to thank @Gregory Verba for making this absolutely stunning repaint.
Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) has been my favourite bird ever since I saw it in an encyclopedia as a kid.
I have been in North America twice, but wasn't lucky to spot it. Now I can enjoy it in my sim. Thank you, Greg!






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5 hours ago, A_ndré_F_olkers said:

Stunning shot Stu EA on or what for settings just curious B) or an edit :blink:

EA is off, just Envshade, Pascal‘s sky textures and Rex SkyForce clouds (and a little more contrast in post-processing :)

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Tom van der Elst

Climbing out for Hannover2022-1-20_13-58-47-714.thumb.jpg.4ac5beb684fd4d87f3006957ed6839b7.jpg

And climbing out for Luxembourg Findel.


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