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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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Christopher Bourke

EGLL - EIDWPrepar3D_SUGbT9n0GK.thumb.png.588d37e3ae209b916c76a503fb34a381.png

Approaching Dublin.


On final now.


And parked up, deboarding to get ready for the return (but my sim crashed afterwards lol)


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Tom van der Elst
9 hours ago, Christopher Bourke said:


And parked up, deboarding to get ready for the return (but my sim crashed afterwards lol)


I hate when that happens.

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Christopher Bourke

Lifting off out of EDDM for LGSK


Cruising along..


Night time visual landings are not very easy, as i had found out.


Approaching back into EDDM.


D-AICA returned home. Tenerife South next time!


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Artur Araripe

EWE ops day!


Pushing back from stand 62. Salzburg awaits! The pax, perhaps not so much. Probably hungover, not looking forward to work the day after, regretting not buying that one souvenir. But there's always a next time, am I right? 


And just like that, we part ways with the tractor. It's time to spread our wings and fly into the unknown. 


*clicks* nice (GW btw)


Sometimes, the pax are not the only ones slightly drunk. Dude was cleared to land at 06L. That's 06R... I would understand the confusion if the runways were right next to each other, but they are considerably far apart.

Off we go! Happy Monday everyone



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Tom van der Elst

AMS, where I was born.

It is most beautiful when it rains.








Which is a good thing if you are a city in Holland.

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