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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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G-NIKO working the MT1161, preparing to taxi out at Kos heading back to Gatwick on Friday evening.

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Zsolt Monostori
18 hours ago, Timm Rehberg said:

Vienna sunset

Departing out of Vienna


What is the secret of such a smooth transition in sky colour? I am experiencing terrible colour banding after dark and also during dawn, as if the colours were 8 bits. I had this on my old screen, and even now on my new 2560x1440 monitor. I read it has to do with the game engine rather than the monitor but in that case how come others have smooth skies and smooth colour transitions.

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Timm Rehberg

Departing out of Stuttgart to Bilbao!

Approaching Bilbao

On ILS12

Ready for departure again to Stuttgart

Approaching ILS07 at Stuttgart.


Another show from Vienna. The new snow effects looking really good!!

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Tobias Gövert

Bringing in some new colours and a more unusual airline :)


Departing Abidjan


Down at Lubango, Angola. While flying in Africa, you can enjoy some colourful tails :)


End of our groupflight.



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Koen Meier

welcome on board condor flight to eddhPrepar3D_2019-04-18_19-28-31.thumb.png.a5e0ec3d9656b785d37a9c339d3c8bf2.png

always a lovely sight for plane spotters near the Airbus factory near hamburg


a slight issue by the ground crew who didn't have enough manpower to quickly deboard our flight.



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Koen Meier

welcome on board an early morning United flight as we are just taxing to the runway.Prepar3D_2019-04-19_10-56-42.thumb.png.d9356c824f3d71bf949450f9eb4ccaee.png

we have started rolling on 19L as the winds favoured that and after receiving a call from Tammie.Prepar3D_2019-04-19_11-01-08.thumb.png.870dbd12418d992118407e085de2a940.png

JFK is beneath us as we shortly start our descend.Prepar3D_2019-04-19_11-29-59.thumb.png.bf1bffa274eecb364e7e2cb044f9a03a.png

starts to get lighter outside


the sun is rising in front of us as we continue our way towards a city by the sea.Prepar3D_2019-04-19_11-44-51.thumb.png.b6616abade8da4caf4207eebc1e5a560.png

on final 22L with a good wind on the nose.Prepar3D_2019-04-19_12-08-11.thumb.png.0e6d08bd354026f8148657c088b4026e.png

united OPS notified us that we are scheduled to arrive at B25 and this is where we parked up in the morningPrepar3D_2019-04-19_12-13-58.thumb.png.18f31f8ecd2981f8938a1ed3245193cb.png

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Matei Cojocaru
2 hours ago, Patrick Hildebrand said:

Do you use Tomato? Which shader profile? 

Yes, I use TomatoShade. I use a base preset from one of my friends and the reflection profile is from John Tavendale (Tavers).

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Stu Antonio
1 hour ago, MCojocaru said:

Yes, I use TomatoShade. I use a base preset from one of my friends and the reflection profile is from John Tavendale (Tavers).

Do they work with the latest update???

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