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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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Artur Araripe

The butter gods didn't help me this time. My worst landing ever since shark day one (i didn't expect it to float). This time though, no excuses whatsoever. It is what it is. I hope the pax don't mind it too much. -271 :( 

It was strange. 200, then suddenly 20, 10, 5 i was so confused. Probably set the wrong baro alt on mcdu or something.

Kos, on the other hand, looks as gorgeous as ever. Still a little salty because the church gods didn't really help me out this time :D But hey, can't have everything, am I right?







Took this one from the deck thingie. Seems like an awesome spot to take plane pictures.


Also, really happy about the latest news regarding GSX. Soon enough (or so it seems) we are gonna have the logos back!!! I was already growing used to the complete absence of branding on everything but it's undeniable that it does add a lot to the immersion factor. Really happy to learn that 5.2 made it possible again. Hopefully one of my last flights without the GSX logos. 

I might even start using catering services again :lol: It was so blank and weird. One has got to miss the plethora of catering companies while touring Europe.



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Artur Araripe

My first flight with the A321SL, after a month of A320SL-only action. Despite being a very slow climber, I gotta say that it's a joy to land and hand fly compared to the WTF variant. Really neat. My A321 trauma can finally die in peace.

Loading the big boy. Philadelphia btw


US Airways. Quite a throwback right there!


RTX on amirite


She shinin!


Sexy plane, sexy livery, and a sexy ride down to Tampa :P 


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Tom van der Elst
6 minutes ago, Stu Antonio said:

Is this much haze with EA on normal? The scenery always looks extremely hazy imo... 


If it is very humid I would say yes.

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Stu Antonio
4 minutes ago, Tom van der Elst said:

If it is very humid I would say yes.

Sounds reasonable, thanks. ... But even with ActiveSky turned off and "Clear Skies" preset, there's much haze...
I'll keep monitoring.


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Maxime Guy
7 hours ago, Stu Antonio said:

Sounds reasonable, thanks. ... But even with ActiveSky turned off and "Clear Skies" preset, there's much haze...
I'll keep monitoring.


I must admit I find it very hazy too.

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