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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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Andrew Wilson

Really nice to see you guys enjoying these features! Work started on them back in August last year - so it's great to see them being used after all this time :)

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G-NIKO working the MT1161, preparing to taxi out at Kos heading back to Gatwick on Friday evening.

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Kian Andrews
3 minutes ago, Andrew Wilson said:

Really nice to see you guys enjoying these features! Work started on them back in August last year - so it's great to see them being used after all this time :)

And it’s great to be using them. Thank you so much! :D

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David Norfolk

Gatwick to Amsterdam. still getting used to the new features. FO is landing us into there today ;) 





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Markos Papoutsidakis
1 hour ago, Alexander_Halbritter said:

Is the illuminated rain drops default to the fslabs or is it tomato? Looks astonishing 

It's the reflection using the tomato profiles downloaded from the forum.

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8 hours ago, Michael Briner said:

How did you manage to get it even better :wub:?

Let's see what pbr brings to the table. Might get interesting. I hope the hype is real. I have no experience with pbr. 

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Will Tearne

All of you with raindrops on your VC, did you have to activate something? Because I don't have any raindrops on my windshield on the latest update for some reason?


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Timm Rehberg
9 hours ago, Andrew Wilson said:

Oh just you wait and see what we've done with the A321 :)

psssssh! Give us time to enjoy everything done with v2.0.2.347 first!!!
DAMN! Now you started something .. :D (Note the tense he uses :D )

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Tobias Gövert
3 hours ago, Timm Rehberg said:

psssssh! Give us time to enjoy everything done with v2.0.2.347 first!!!

Nah...it's never too soon for the A321 :D Already looking forward to the long one.

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Scott Wilson

Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon over a chilly Denmark flying home to a IRN-BRU5A arrival !





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Marvin Toepfer
38 minutes ago, Timm Rehberg said:

First ever screenshot of the upcoming FSL A321-X with @Andrew Wilson on the controls!*


*take this a joke. Its just andrew flying online and this is a MTL model by FlAI.


Damn, it should have done a screenshot of his telex :D
Happy landing Andrew!

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Koen Meier

looks like some powdered sugar. this was just a test using in sim weather set to heavy snow. it took 1 or two seconds or so to load the snow on the fuselage. engine temp was 10 Celsius due to the GPU on state.



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Felipe Widmano

One thing I have always found strange about the FSL before, and now sadly still after the 'model update'...How can anyone think this overly pronounced line is realistic? 

It is in the default paintkit, and it exists in the model too, so even when I tried removing it in the respective texture files, it would still be there. 


I just don't see why anyone creating the model and the paintkit would happily accept such an inaccurate depiction of a minor visual feature and let it ruin the aesthetics of the entire aircraft?



(brand new paint uploaded today)


Through my job in ramp handling I've been up close with MSNs both brand new and 'how can this thing still fly' - old. Never have I noticed this detail even remotely as striking as in the FSL.  

Of course, it is there - on more beaten airframes, like early EIS1s, you might actually notice it! On newer birds, it takes some pretty over the top post processing to make it visible, like I did in this image: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/657076/d-abzf-air-berlin-airbus-a320/

And in some cases, even heavy post-processing, increasing the contrast and pushing the details, doesn't cut it: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/646912/d-agwf-germanwings-airbus-a319/


So yeah, it exists, and the fuselage is probably sewn together along that line in some way, but the way it is modelled makes me wonder if any real A320 was used as a reference at all.

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Felipe Widmano
9 minutes ago, NilsUnger said:

It is NOT in the model. It is in the bump texture which you can happily edit. 

If you wish, you can make it disappear completely. 

I'll add this to the list of things I can re-adjust and tweak after each update (=reinstall)...

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