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French crew sounds on custom livery

Federico L.

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Federico L.

after quite a bit of practice I finally managed to get a good understanding of how to operate the Concorde, but now I need some help on a more technical issue.

I created a custom livery using the official paintkit. It is showing up fine in FSX but all the callouts and PNF sound fxs are in English (as if it was a BA Concorde), I want the French version. Any idea on how to do this?

I can't find anything on the panel.cfg, aircraft.cfg or FSLabs menu on FSX that will let me change the voicepack.

I should mention that I added the livery on the aircraft.cfg by copying the entry for a AF Concorde and then editing it as required. 

Any help on this?

Thank you,
Federico Lampis

PS: to the developers: congratulations on this beautifully simulated bird. It is always a pleasure to fly it.

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