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Best Photo Caption Contest!!!

Margarita Fiotaki

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Margarita Fiotaki


The Best Photo Caption Contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered and I wish you good luck as there will be voting from our developers to define which captions will be among the first three! The one most voted for will win the contest.

We will let you know who the super special lucky winner is within the next couple of days.

Stay tuned!


The contest picture was as follows:


So go ahead and put together what you think is the best caption, post your thoughts as a reply to this post, and the caption we think is best after a certain period of time will win a FREE copy of the Concorde-X!

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My partner came up with this I hope it's not too rude!

"Get that Gorilla out of that cockpit"

"that's not a Gorilla that is a Monkey"

"I 'was' talking to the Monkey stupid";-0

actually I think he is sweet! but if I may indulge myself and have a go,

"monkey see monkey do, now show me the way to Ouagadougou"laugh.gif

Good luck with the new release do you have a date yet? Looking forward to having a go can't wait and I hope you are well rewarded for all your efforts and time put into this. It would be nice to have a presentation box and DVD with an Operations Manual maybe in limited addition as well as the option to download and patch support. I must read all the posts before I go rambling on and keep this brief.


best wishes from Jenny & George

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Hi !

This is my caption. Sorry if there are English mistakes... I'm French.

You should read that as a dialog between two stewards (or stewardess).

- If this monkey starts the engines, it would make a monkey out of the pilot...

- Well...maybe... but it will surely throw a monkey wrench in the works of the airline company...

- Relax ! A monkey starting the engines ? Yeah, and monkeys might fly !

I hope that you enjoyed it.


EDIT : If the caption must be in only one sentence, each one can make a caption :

"If this monkey starts the engines, it would make a monkey out of the pilot."

"If this monkey starts the enginesn it will surely throw a monkey wrench in the works of the airline company".

And my favorite one :

"A monkey starting the engines ? Yeah, and monkeys might fly !"

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LNAV, VNAV, EFIS, GPS... childsplay! If you think a trained monkey can fly this plane, think again!!!

- and -

Concorde.. for the pros. You won't see a trained monkey in this cockpit.

- and-

Not all pilots are button-pushing Airbus monkeys, some of them fly the Concorde!

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Hi !

Why not another caption :

"Pierre Boulle wrote "Planet of the Apes", Flight Sim Labs developped "Concorde of the Apes"... soon on your computer..."

Just an image to laugh a little bit and to illustrate a thought (this can be a caption... if possible) :



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Another one : I've got a lot of ideas today :

"The human being is descended from the monkey, who descended from the sky...in concorde"

(In French, this sentence means anything, but if there is no sense in English, tell me please)


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A few I can think of right now are:

"Remember your first flights on Concorde SSTSIM in Flight Simulator 9? Looks more like this, right? Evolution is coming - look forward for Concorde X!"

"Nowadays with modern gauges you can see such tings in the cockpit. Do you think it's wrong? What would you oppose? Concorde X! Feel yourself a pilot, not monkey"

"Concorde with FMS would look like that. Be a man!"

"Experience evolution on yourself - try challenging it right now!"

"Evo is coming - Concorde X"

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