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Nose Landing Gear under RWY

Marc Muzas

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Marc Muzas


Just bought and installed software (V1.39) and facing a strange problem ; NLG is stuck under the RWY...concorde.thumb.jpg.5b7be2210cc6ca97b4505c6b9eded51a.jpg

Restarted computer but still facing problem...


  • FSX steam (fresh install as I just changed my computer)
  • Active Sky 2016
  • UTlive
  • FTX global
  • REX4
  • GSX
  • FSUIPC registered
  • FreeMeshX Global

Any way to fix it without re-installing FSX?



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Ray Proudfoot

None of those addons should cause that problem. Does it happen at all airports? Try a default one please.

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Marc Muzas

In between, I tried several airports and had same issue ; gave a try using slew mode to put it in the air and controls were Inop.

So re-installed it with admin rights and it fixed the issue !

Then got keyboard issue, keys not working ; fixed the point removing steam overlay....

Finally she flies !

Thanks !

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