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Take-Off Performance

David Katona

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Ivan Davidovic

Hi guys!

I just have one questions it's related to takeoff performance. Almost on every flight my speed during takeoff (approximately around 100-200ft) "pass" F speed for flap retraction then after certain time 5-10 sec following flight director it drop to F speed and then i do flap retraction.  I have feeling in order to keep speed at F or below in 1st takeoff segment i think i would have tail strike.

I just want to check does this happens to someone else also, or i am doing something wrong?



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Darren Howie

Hi Ivan

Transport aircraft takeoffs are different from smaller aircraft generally split into several segments.

So At VR you rotate smoothly at approx 3 degrees per second up to an initial attitude of 15 degrees.

Its a smooth slow steady rate to learn it correct count to yourself, one thousand, two thousand three thousand four thousand five thousand. At the end of the five thousand you should be arriving at approx 15 degrees nose up referenced off the PFD.

Around the same time you should confirm you have positive climb and select gear up.

Then NOTHING HAPPENS until you get to your thrust reduction/acceleration altitude except follow the FD in SRS mode.

Note these can be different figures.

Generally Thrust reduction is a company value between 800 up to 1500'

So at thrust reduction set clb thrust your FMS will be linking saying Lever Climb.

At accel altitude you should see the FMA change from SRS to CLB its at this stage you lower your nose to begin accelerating following the FD and then start retracting flap on schedule ie at F and S speeds.

Note if you are using Flap 3 for take off you NEVER select flap 2 but go straight from 3 to 1.

So three stages, rotation to 15 degrees and gear retract, then a segment of nothing just flying the flight director which will be approx 15 degrees until you get to accel altitude where you will start your clean up.

So you dont start retracting flaps until above acceleration altitude which you can adjust in the take off Perf page...


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