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[Resolved] No dome or flood lights

Jack Vince

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Hi all, just bought the A320 for v4 today, what a product!


however, the dome and flood lights don't work when trying to switch them on from the on GPU state. I have fsspotlight installed and they still wont work. Any ideas anyone? thanks.

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Norio Sasaki

Q: My A320-X flood lights only work in 2D panels, but I don't see anything in the Virtual Cockpit.

A: 1. Have you downloaded and installed the latest FSL Spotlights from the Flight Sim Labs Downloads area? 2. If yes, have you tried deleting your Shader Cache?


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The solution was that I was installing it to the wrong P3D path as I have multiple drives for addons and such. All works good now. Cant wait to get flying this thing. Thanks again! :)

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