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Lefteris Kalamaras

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Lefteris Kalamaras


You might probably have heard by now that CPFlight has been producing some excellent hardware for Flight Simulator hard core enthusiasts and cockpit builders.

Up to now, these products were designed exclusively with Project Magenta in mind, as there was no 737NG addon for any simulator version out there that could fully utilize the various modules CPFlight so expertly has created. Various efforts to use keyboard commands, mouse clicks etc. allowed some interfacing with the PMDG 737NG to some extent, but it was always a tricky proposition and not everything would work properly.

This is not so anymore!

Flight Sim Labs is now able to interface the CPFlight MCP, MCPPro, EFIS modules to the FS2004 PMDG 737NG family directly, with its upcoming FS2004 CPFlight driver interface software. No keyboard command programming is required and you can easily forget about having the PMDG panels open while flying your favorite aircraft.

If that was not good enough, Flight Sim Labs will offer full compatibility for an extra 8 CPFlight modules, allowing full and complete interfacing for the following modules now:

- MCP Pro (USB version)

- MCP (USB version)

- MCP (RS232 version) - will require a hardware dongle from CPFlight

- EFIS module(s)

- Radio Stack VHF1, VHF2 modules

- Radio Stack NAV1, NAV2 modules

- Radio Stack ADF1, ADF2 modules

- Radio Stack XPDR module

- Main Instrument Panel, containing

?? - Autobrakes

?? - Fire Warning

?? - Master Caution

?? - Captain / FO sixpack warning lights

?? - Flaps Lights

?? - Gear Lights

?? - Test Panel

?? - SPD Ref

?? - N1 knobs

?? - Fuel Flow

?? and many others!

We are very happy to provide such full functionality with the upcoming CPFlight driver interface for Flight Simulator 2004 and the PMDG 737NG family of products. Stay tuned for more news about this in this forum and in our web site!

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Marc Nieuwhof

Hi lefteris,


Finally a good connection between the MCP and PMDG products! smile.gif


How wil Flightsimlabs handle future CPflight add-ons?

Can these be controlled with the software or do I have to purchase future releases that support these new modules??


Why is the FS9 version priced at ?79 and the FSX version at ?49? (for the MCP737 module).

Thank you,

Marc Nieuwhof

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Lefteris Kalamaras


1) Thanks for your kind words! It took a LOT of effort to code this driver and we hope it shows in the end result!

2) We'll be providing upgrades to the software - we're hoping that these will be free. If they're not, they might come at a small upgrade price, depending on how much work they should require for compatibility. But we're REALLY hoping to add them for free ;-).

3) Because the FS9 version contains a lot more functionality (MIP panel, Radios, etc.) than the FSX version (for which there's no 737NG - yet).

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This brings us to the BIG question everyone has been waiting for.

WHEN / IF? will there be a PMDG 737NG for FSX ??? It doesn't seem like there has been any progress on this for over 2 years.? Is PMDG actively pursuing this?

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hi Bruce-

isn't this a question better asked at the PMDG forum??? :-)

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