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Ailerons on Touchdown

Jacob Roberts

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Jacob Roberts

Hey Guys, 

I have been watching plenty of real world videos of A320 landings and noticed that on touchdown, both the ailerons and spoilers raise, however this doesn't seem to be the case on the FSLabs A320X. Is there any reason for this ?




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It appeared sometime before S/N 4553 and is optional.


The legend  (if installed) indicates that a paragraph or an illustration is applicable only if the
related optional equipment is installed

The ailerons are fully-extended (Aileron Anti Droop), provided one aileron servocontrol is

available on each side, when:
‐ The ground spoilers are fully extended
‐ Flaps are not in clean CONF
‐ Pitch attitude is lower than 2.5 °
‐ Flying manually
‐ In normal law only.

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Arto E.P. Karhu

Yes, I understand this came with certain ELAC updates. It is not used in every frame.


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Hugo Bicho
On 03/08/2017 at 8:56 AM, Andrew Wilson said:

Currently, we simulate the L93's.

And with the ELAC L93's the cockpit have CRT screen isn't it ? 

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Essono Fritz
25 minutes ago, Hugo Bicho said:

And with the ELAC L93's the cockpit have CRT screen isn't it ? 

Not necessarily.  

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