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AP2 operations

Drumond de Melo

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Drumond de Melo

Captains, good evening.

I saw here in the forums a previous post about Concorde's peculiarities regarding AP1/AP2 versus NAV1/NAV2 and went out for some flight test today. I tried to use the AP2 coupled with NAV2 radio for some VOR tracking exercises to see the aircraft's reactions and if I could use those paired in complex dep/arr procedures.

I chose a VOR convenient to my location (in this case DPK 117.70) and started some 30NM out. Aircraft is inbound to station, about 20 degrees off radial (to the left - HSI bar on the far right) and tracking a 30 degrees capture course. As soon as the bar starts moving left (10 deg before selected radial as expected), the VOR light comes on and the capture commences. However the autopilot then commands a hard right turn (25 deg bank), and stabilizes in a heading about 30 degrees to the right of the desired course and never chases the needle back, veering constantly off-course.

Just for procedure checking, I did tried the same process (same positions, capture angles, ...) with AP1-NAV1 combo and succeeded every time. With AP2-NAV2, no success, heading always locks some 30 deg off to the right and that's it.

Oddly enough and doing some more exploring, while veering off-course if I tune the same VOR freq to NAV1 (117.7) and move the course set knob #1, the aircraft starts to respond commands (even with AP2 still engaged).

Am I missing something hidden under the hood here? Is that a normal and expected response of the autopilot system in AP2-NAV2-VOR tracking mode on the Concorde?


Edit: System specs sometimes helps... P3D v3.4.22.19868, ConcX 1.39


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Fraser Gale


to be honest I find it difficult to picture the scenario you have tested without being "in the airplane" so I will stay on the "what it should do" side.

The AP1/2 and Nav 1/2 are independent other than in LAND mode when they cross-monitor each other for Autoland purposes. Did you use the instrument transfer switch on the captain side and select "DEV 2"? This means that the co-pilot's deviation bar is shown on your side, allowing you to monitor the Nav 2 side radials etc. I have been caught out by this on occasions when using the AP2 side to navigate...

All I can advise is that you ensure you are using the AP2 side deviation bar, VOR radial selector, HDG selector and frequency selector. 

By the way, it's not really a Concorde peculiarity, it was normal design until CRTs and FMCs came in. It also works quite well when setup. 

There might be simulation issues with it but for the purposes I've used it for, even using the DEV 2 during a Canarsie departure, it has performed admirably. 

Next time I'm flying, I'll check it out.


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Drumond de Melo

Hi Frazz,

Thank you for your insight. Honestly now I can't remember the DEV switch position on both sides. I was "virtually" seating on the F/O side and using his CRS/HDG controls and NAV2 radio for sure.

I'll end up drafting a flight test plan to be conducted in a few days and will report my findings here. Re-reading my first report even myself have some dificulty to draw up what I did. Also, I did not took notes of some critical switch positions.

Lots of planning and reading do do here... thanks!



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