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P3D V4 Plan


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John Mc Avinue


1) I didn't say what FSL are going to do but I did say that if they charged for the upgrade then I wouldn't be paying for it. There's nothing wrong with me doing this.

2) Did I say FSL couldn't do what they wanted anywhere in my posts? 

As paying customers we are entitled to provide feedback to FSL and I'm sure they appreciate it. They don't have to do what we ask but most customer oriented (and successful) companies listen to their customers.


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Nuno M Pinto
14 minutes ago, J_U_A_N__R-A-M-O-S said:

This is getting quickly out of hand guys...

They will lock this thread... The winter is coming :ph34r:

It won't change the way people think but yeah, admittedly it's getting a bit harsh (myself to blame as well).

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Ifikratis Kamenidis

I think its reasonable to be some tension here. What's happening  is people fear that FSLmay charge for a full price. The reason why there is such fear is I believe coming from the original questions of Lefteris of "why customers would pay 100% for Prepar3D v4 but not for a new FSL version for v4". I think reasonably this creates the speculation that FSL is thinking that to be an option. Of course to be fair Lefteris said that they will evaluate what will happen when P3D v4 is out. However its also difficult to believe that FSL didn't have a copy of v4 for months now, like other developers had.

There is an argument 'on the air' that "PMDG charged full price for P3D while FSL only an upgrade fee for the transition from FSX to P3D". I'd like to comment on that. While this seems a fair statement for a customer coming from FSX its not true for the P3D user. Speaking of myself I bought the FSX version of A320X only because I would get the P3D version paying only their difference. FSL had -back then- welcomed indirectly many times P3D users to buy the FSX versions (cause FSX Steam was also cheap) to try the bus and then when P3D version was out they would only pay the difference. So, for the P3D user, this was more of a pre-payment / support movement to buy the FSX version and support Flight Sim Labs. This is what I did, I bought the FSX version and put it on the shelf. To be honest I bought FSX:SE for 10$ just to try the bus, and uninstalled it a few days after, waiting patiently for the P3D version ( I am a P3D user since v1). There are P3D users that not only waited to give money to FSL when the P3D version was out, but there are also P3D users that became aware or started the hobby in 2017. Many have bought P3D  since the P3D release of A320X, some just because of that release or because they are just new simmers. So, what does FSL would tell to these people if they request a full price in less than a year? I can't see how customers would be satisfied by getting their pricy new software getting out of date.

So, we should not compare PMDG and FSL strategies, its fair maybe for the user that was flying both FSX and P3D but not for the 100% P3D user.

But even if we take the argument of this comparison in numbers, then what is the price that PMDG includes for the v4 version? QOTS II and A320X cost nearly the same. Also, the upgrades will be free even for the older NGX series, released back in the summer of 2015.

Even if I don't want to, I'd pay for  a "small" fee, if they really need it, because I want to also support Flight Sim Labs. But full price would be completely crazy to ask in my opinion.  We should wait for them to reveal their plans. Hope this is soon.

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Marc Aussant
2 hours ago, Britjet said:

Just a personal perspective..

FS labs A320 is a marvellous simulation but to me has been a waste of money as I can hardly go anywhere without an OOM and so have stopped using it, (and I have a high-end system). A 64-bit version would change all that, of course, but I certainly wouldn't pay again for it.

I understand that PMDG are going to offer their 747 QOTS without additional charge pretty well as soon as V4 comes out...


I have a high end system and I had systematical OOM problem when flying in line from/to scenery covered airports like LFPG, EHAM, EDDF under FSX, I switched to the P3D version (A320FSL P3D +P3Dv3.4) and that solved all and improved the FPS, thank's to the better memory and CPU/GPU management by P3D. I understand this all depends of personnal settings in the simulators (slides), but anyway it produces a real improvement.

Next step? Surely going to the 64bits universe. Mixed with SP1?, At what expense?

Useless questions, we all want improvements of the product and are ready to pay (reasonably) for it.


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Karl Brooker

Gents, please don't worry, and please don't be spreading any falsities. I'd also ask that any bickering stop.

You can expect an update from us very soon, and I'm also hoping that - following a house and job move - I'll be able to be around the forums more to answer questions etc. :) 

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