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CIVA Installation

Ge0rge J0achim

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Ge0rge J0achim

Please note that the civa installation should be in the correct P3D directory as I had put it in a wrong subfolder which was causing the Concorde to crash.

Now it is okay and my other problem is that the cockpit is scary.. Really scary.

The site of all these dials and switches levers knobs wow...I ran away!

One of these days, I have to sit down and learn how to fly this beast!!

I used to have a much earlier version of the Concorde, probably the PSS version, I can't remember now...

I remember it being a right bitch in the fuel management and CG control.

I am sure going to enjoy this... Excellent work FS Labs.






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Ray Proudfoot


A few years ago a good friend printed the tutorial for me and I spent many summer afternoons in the garden reading it quite a few times.

Only when I felt capable of keeping her airborne did I fire her up in anger. A nice anger, not a nasty anger. :D

That homework was time well spent. I kept all the VFE options on for at least a year before learning fuel management. That's another learning curve all of its own. ;)

In short, time spent doing your homework is a good investment in getting the best out of this magnificent aircraft.

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