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Do you have a poorly performing PC/Laptop and want to run FSLabs 320 at a bearable frame rate?


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1) Switch scenery to 'normal'

2) Turn FSX autogen to 'off'

3) Turn of the XBox DVR through the Registery Editor in Windows 10 - majorly hits your FPS.

4) Turn OFF the F/Os side PFD, ND and FMGS. You know and I know, we are not going to be looking at those other screens when flying.

5) Do not run Google Chrome especially or any memory consuming application running in the background.

If you love the aircraft, you wouldn't care about the scenery too much and one side is enough to fly this aircraft and have a great feel of the Airbus 320. Trust me, it is worth it. I started with having 7 fps and now have an fps of 20-24.

I cannot say that I have this beautiful looking amazing sim because I use freeware scenery and no ORBX stuff. However, I do have a functional simulator. I can fly online on VATSIM without any problems, eargasm on TOGA of the IAEs, simulate failures, do circuits etc. My cockpit still looks great and that is all I care about. If you're like me, give it a go. Don't hold yourself back because you have a shitty PC. I hope someday I'll be in the real thing and would not have to worry about fps and scenery so much and would remember how much I learnt from this great product.


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.) Do not install Spotlights

.) Run in 2d panel mode only, 1024 textures...

That's how I used to run it in FSX: SE and P3Dv3, and it was rather acceptable...

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Panos Bilios

I couldn't agree more with you guys 

I don't, really care about beautiful scenery or even autogen,

I am more than happy with a few payware airports detailed weather and the amazing A320 from Fs labs , the complexity and realism of the A320 keeps me so busy that I don't have the time to look at the scenery the default scenery swits me fine 








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