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Modified Concorde.air and Fuelburn.ini-files for more accurate Fuel Flow (v1.23) [UPDATE 27-04-2017]

Konstantin Didushok

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Ray Proudfoot

Hi Konstantin, I can see I engaged in several posts with you a couple of years ago but this was the longest flight I have undertaken since replacing the supplied files with yours.

I also wanted to keep discussion alive on this sub forum which sadly is diminishing. I’m sure it doesn’t reflect interest in Concorde which I’m sure remains high. Let’s hope FSL will soon reach a decision on how they intend to proceed and put out an announcement.

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9 hours ago, Konstantin said:

Hi @Ray Proudfoot,

It has been three years ago that I modified and uploaded the fuelburn files, but I am very happy to learn that people download and use it to this day and that the results are quite accurate. The efforts that were put into the modification paid off!  I am also glad to see that you are enjoying your flights CTD-free after having nearly given up on Concorde a few weeks ago...

Until we get a 64-bit Concorde, regardless which platform it will be made for, this is the best you can currently get. Again, thank you very much for providing a positive feedback!  I am always open for it.

i legit other day re downloaded these because there more accurate  then default :D Sorry simlabs lol :D 

Thanks @Konstantin o yeah and thanks for fixing break issue for me with rudders  haha

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Konstantin Didushok

Hey, thanks bro, really glad that I could help you fix the brake issues with your rudders. Let me know when you have another flight coming up.

Oh, and thanks Ray for keeping this forum alive. Since you resolved your CTD issues for good, it has become very calm here. But this is not a surprise unfortunately given that Concorde-X is no longer officially sold. Those who fly the Concorde probably don't have any issues, while there aren't any newcomers joining this forum.

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Gilles-Gabriel Gouffran

Hello Gentlemen

Just would like to know if the modifications made are included in the lastest released of the Concorde-X v1.41 for FSX or do i have to still change the file to make it work with the last mod.


Happy Landings



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