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A320 for P3D (VAS) What is going on ???

Clive Alexander

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Clive Alexander

Hi everyone

I have a limited amount of technical knowledge withn the Flight Simulator world and always rely on the forums for advice and to learn by reading other users comments and experience, although I realise that not all comments are helpful, sometimes you have to read between the lines.

At the moment I use FSX SE and have purchased the A320.  I congratulate the developers on a supurb product.  In order to compliment the high specifications that new aircraft use I am intending to upgrade my computer to high specifications and also purchase P3D  to compliment and enable the high specifications used in the development of aircraft.  However, I am puzzled because as almost everyone was delighted with the performance of the A320 using FSX users were waiting with excitement for the release of the P3D version of A320 because as I understand P3D will use memory(VAS) in a better way than FSX.  I open the forum and read that the P3D version has been released and I am presented with many messages complaining about OOM and VAS and I have had difficulty finding a message that is satisfied with the new release for P3D.  I understand that OOM and VAS can be affected by all the various utilities that can be used whilst flying but surely with the high specificationsof systems today surely the developers would have come up against the problem of OOM and VAS and the beta testers would have also highlighted the problem.  What has gone wrong or are users of the A320 for P3D not complying with reccomendations?.  i can understand users frustration especially as the product is very expensive.

Before I take the plunge to upgrade my system and purchase P3D and upgrade my current A320 I will wait a little longer and watch the forum to see how this matter is dealt with and hopefully resolved

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