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My Findings so far

Richard Nellyer

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Richard Nellyer

So went ahead and upgraded to the P3D version after being with the FSX version since day 1. VAS usage was as expected and as in FSX you do need to compromise slightly on your scenery settings. Took a flight from FlightBeam's KIAD (an absolute VAS muncher) to Imaginesim's KATL (Another monster scenery) in horrendous weather. VAS started at 3.4Gb peaked at 3.7Gb and apart from the odd brief spike to 3.9Gb, while taxiing to the gate on arrival,(and the dreaded OOM chime from FSUIPC) it remained stable and did not OOM.

My P3D setup

P3D V3.4 (settings as per the guide except scenery complexity "DENSE" to save losing detail at the airports)



Vector (All settings on)

FlightBeam KIAD HD

Imaginesim KATL

REX Texture Direct 4

REX Soft Clouds

AS2016 (ASCA not installed)


i7 4790K at stock

16Gb 1866mhz RAM

GTX 980Ti (latest WHQL drivers)

Win 7 64bit

I have seen a lot of complaints about the VAS usage with the P3D version but I really can't see the difference between VAS usage in FSX and P3D. You cannot compare this aircraft to any of the PMDG fleet as this is vastly more complex from a coding point of view as the actual systems have been modeled and are not "approximations of". To all who are experiencing VAS problems:-

Be realistic with your expectations, do you really need 4096 HD textures and full autogen when the majority of your flight is at 36000'?

Keep your scenery library clean and only load what you need for that flight. Vast areas of photoscenery and complex addons eat VAS even when you're not flying in that region.

Turn off AI traffic, boats and airport vehicles, they are useless in an airliner and munch VAS.

Remember above all we're here to enjoy flying in a simulated environment. Put away the FPS counter and VAS monitor turn your settings back a bit fire up VATSIM and delve into the finest desktop simulation of an airliner ever created. The depth of the systems and the challenge of dealing with failures (yes enable them!) will keep you so busy you won't have time to pick holes in the scenery outside.

Happy flying everyone!






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