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Lars Hajema

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Lars Hajema

Good afternoon :D,

I see a lot of complaining on the forums, but barely anyone that says thank you to everyone here for making the A320-X such an amazing plane to fly. So let me say thank you FlightSimLabs, for making an amazing airplane. Secondly I see a lot of people complaining about VAS issues both in P3D and FSX. I personaly use FSX which as most of us know is worse on VAS then P3D is. Atm I'm flying the bus from Gibraltar to Alicante, for both I have scenery installed and running at 2048 textures. and this is the VAS that I'm on atm (see picture).. I will let the data speek for itself..

Anyways, I'm heading back to the flightdeck, sins I'm actually not allowed to use my phone atm, but shhhhh don't tell the company :ph34r:

Enjoy your weekend.


Lars (LarsTheAviator)


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