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CTD when loading aircraft


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I see so many people enjoying what they see of the bus. But unfortunately I cant because it crashes the sim as the plane is initialising after setting up the sim from the scenario screen. I get no warning just POOF p3d just dies and it isn't leaving logs or any clues as to what is causing this crash. Hope this is fixed soon as really wanted to fly this today when i found out it came out. I have tried  turning down my settings, reinstalling the bus loading it after loading a default plane and loading the plane in an area with no add on scenery but nothing makes a difference. any other aircraft is fine only the bus crashes the sim. 

Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Antonis Kastrinakis

At the very top of this forum there is this message:

General Discussion


General discussion about the A320X and the Airbus A320 series in general. No support is provided in this forum.


The forums have been split recently to facilitate users to navigate them with less confusion so any technical queries should be directed to the appropriate sub-fora.


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