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Turnaround Startup Scenario

Ilya Eydis

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Just about ready to take a plunge with purchasing this amazing product.  What bothers me a bit is it looks as though one has to always start in a 'cold and dark' scenario.  Is there an option somewhere (CDU?) where the aircraft can be placed into a 'Ready to Start Engines' or similar situation?  Can one create a saved panel state with such a configuration?  Or is it just easier to start with engines on and quickly shut them down?

Sorry for the ignorance - not an owner yet.  Much to learn but excited to take the plunge!



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Here's a couple posts I made about how I have a ground turn scenario set up. The first one may or may not apply...I don't know how to do this same thing in P3D as I don't have it:

It works nicely for my needs. The "GPU CONNECT," "GROUND A/C ON," and "CHOCKS SET" options in the MCDU save well. I just wish we had the ability to save the NWS PIN. If I set it and save the panel state, it doesn't remember that part, but the GPU, A/C and Chocks all save.

I created a second "Boarding" scenario to go with that one I mentioned above, but turned on some interior lights so if it's night time I can see what I'm doing.

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