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Simon Kelsey

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Hello everybody,

I know that many of you have mentioned that the forum can be difficult to navigate at times.

To alleviate this, we have been busy reorganising the structure to hopefully make things easier for all concerned -- both customers posting about, or looking for others' experiences of, issues, as well as for the development team to keep track of different issues more reliably.

Please note that we have provided forums for each of the major systems and system groups on the aircraft. Support queries should be posted in the relevant forums, and we would ask that you please tag your post with the simulator platform you are using to assist us in dealing with your query.

In addition, in the "Other Systems" forum, we ask that you prefix your post with the specific system your issue is affecting. You can select the system from the drop-down menu provided when you write your post. 

A "General Discussion" forum has also been created for wider discussion of the A320-X (and the Airbus in general) -- but please note that no support will be provided in this forum.

As you will no doubt have also noticed, we have made this main forum read-only as a result of the move -- over time we will be moving the posts in here to the archive or more relevant forums.

Many thanks, and we hope that you like the new forum structure and find it easier to navigate!

Best regards,

The FSLabs Team

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