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Inflight Freeze

Mark Wagener

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Hi Team,

i was on my inaugural flight with the latest version from YMML to YAYE. Jetstar VH-VFK livery, latest version. Flight plan-

16.KEPPA.8 Q168 WR T29 AYE

Passing FL140 I pressed the Captains PFD/ND XFR button and the Sim froze, and I continued to get the sounds playing. I could not get out of the Sim by conventional methods and I ended up having to select sign out.

As it was a freeze, I have nothing in event viewer.

The last two versions have been completely stable on my system. I had some freezes with the original RTM version related to having my TBM too high (which I reported for other users). The latest (and previous) versions were installed exactly as per the guidelines. The only modification I did before flying the first flight was the [Tiller] green bar entry posted by Lefteris.

Anti virus is off, and I had 1GB of VAS left.

For completeness I have - 

Windows 10 Pro, i7-6700K 4.6ghz, GTX1080, 16Gb RAM, FSX Gold (Boxed), DX10SF, GEX/UTX everywhere except Australia, FTX (Australia and NZ), FSUIPC latest pay ware version, AS16, Radar Contact and REX Soft Clouds, Spotlights v30.

I took off from FTX YMML version 3 to Aerosoft Ayres Rock.

I re-booted the computer and started again. Given I now did not have enough night to start that flight again, I am now flying YSSY-YMML and no problems (in cruise now). Maybe I did not hit the click spot correctly? I don't know but thought I should report it.










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Are you running the sim in full screen / window mode and which panel config do you have installed (VC only, 2D only or both VC & 2D) and if both which panel are you using when the freeze occurred (2D or VC)?


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