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OEI training?

Aidan le Gras

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Aidan le Gras

Hello people,

Would there be any real world pilots that might be able to give me a sense of how accurate this software is for the purpose of practicing V1 cuts, OEI go arounds and single engine circuits for example?

I'm not that interested in the eye candy, just a good flight model that closely reflects a level D sim for training purposes. 

I've seen Blackbox711's videos but I can't get a sense of the and handling characteristics particularly whether the flight model accurately represents the relationship between various roll/yaw-power/speed combinations. 

Don't get me wrong, it certainly looks a step ahead regardless but this is the bit that certainly to this point, nobody's quite been able to get a handle on.

Thanking you in advance. 


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Hi Willie

Although I'm not rated in the 320, I have quite a few hours in levelD sim to tell you that things like V1 cut, single engine characteristics, hand flyng and so on is close to what I've experienced in the FFS. I'm sure type rated pilots can give you their perspective, but imo there's nothing else on the market (fsx/p3d) that is at the level of the A320X at the moment. 


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