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Pedal disconnect button is down

John Burke

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Thanks for the latest release! Appreciate your commitment to adding new features and fixes to an already amazing sim! 

Quick question - I noticed in the latest when I press "," to steer on the ground, a new green message appears stating "Pedal disconnect button is DOWN". This is the first time I've had this appear. Is it a setting I can turn off? Has something changed with the way I should be steering on the ground?

thank you! 

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In the latest update the NWS button has been made sticky. Or now it is a toggle switch, you just need to hit the comma key once and use the tiller.(press it again to deactivate it)

I do not own the product, but I think the options are in

Mcdu options/controls/pedals

If I remember correctly you have two options

One to use the rudders as a tiller, or something to that effect

On lskl2 you have button toggle switch.


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