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RWY Turnoff light missadjusted v.184 + v.191

Simon Brinkmann

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Simon Brinkmann

RWY Turnoff light missadjusted in v.184 + v.191

Found the runway turnoff lights missadjusted. They should illuminate more to the front. The light beam looks like that the RWY turnoff lights are installed in the wing root and not at the nose gear.


3 pictures attached
v.184 (Taxi, T.O. and RWY turnoff light illuminating)

v.191 same postion, same light beam no difference to v.184 (Taxi, and RWY turnoff light illuminating)

comparison to the original


Spotlights v. installed


v.191 rwy turnoff light.png

exterior lights - airbus light beam direction.png

angle of RWY turnoff light.png

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