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Still Same Issue with Random Failure

Safak Cayli

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Hi ,

I just loaded new update , step by step.  Everything works well for now but once I set random failure after power down and powered up again aircraft does not active. I mean after finish my flight I saved my cockpit state cold and dark , for second flight I powered up plane but random failure is gone I have to set it again ? Is this normal ?


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@sfkcyl  looking at the changelog I don't see anything relating to panel state. I know that someone from FSL stated that they were working on it, not sure if it's an SP1 item or for another update, for now I have given up using panel states it's too buggy and creates all sorts of issues.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

No, we have not focused on saving failures between flights at this time. We have it in our internal ticket system, however, so we'll try to take care of it but there are other issues with a bit more priority at this time (like the P3D release :)).

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