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Lower ECAM "stuck" after de-powering the plane

Marcel Semelka

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Marcel Semelka


I noticed that after I de-power the plane (disconnecting EXT PWR and shutting off BAT1 & 2) that the Lower ECAM display still shows something.

When I click on it to open the pop-up, it disappears, that's why I called it "stuck".

If you need more infos, just let me know.


I recorded a little video to demonstrate the bahviour:


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Marcel Semelka

For me it is repeatable everytime.

The video and initial report was after a completed flight, but I gave it another two test tries without actually flying and it was repeatable.

Here's the routine I did, once for the CFM and IAE:

1. Start FSX as administrator

2. Loaded the default trike

3. Shut down the trike

4. Loaded the A320-X

5. Started the MCDU to connect the Ground Power

6. Turned on BAT 1 & 2

6. Pressed the EXT PWR button on the overhead and let the plaine initialize itself (waited for the triple click)

7. Pressed the EXT PWR button again to disconnect it

8. Turned off BAT 1 & 2



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Bryan Richards

This actually looks like it might be related to that issue that was reported back, where leftover information from other pages would show up on a different system page. I am in cruise now and checked the FUEL page, and when pressing the FUEL button again to go back to the CRUISE page, the FUEL page remained and i saw the CAB ALT 6100FT being displayed on the FUEL page. Pressing the FUEL page 2 more times restored the cruise page. Not able to reproduce this one though.

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