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nws ped disco fps drop


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5 hours ago, Rafal said:

The above A320XGauges.dll entry does the trick for me.
Before I had about 5 FPS drop with the tiller, now I think there is none (maybe 1).

Another nice thing I've noticed, by the way, is no more errors on FSX exit (and none on loading the bus yet). :)

But I haven't seen any FPS improvements in general.
I am not sure we were supposed to expect any though.

I think those with newer systems have seen the biggest performance increases. I have almost an identical system to you (i7 2600K at 4.6 gHz and a 560 non-Ti) and I've never had problems either way, but I'm in the 20-25 FPS at medium traffic airports, 12-14 at busy ones like KATL and 30+ at my home airport - KLEX (very little traffic). I've not seen improvement in performance, but I haven't been disappointed in performance from the beginning either considering the depth of this sim and the complexity of the A320. I guess my standards for performance aren't exactly high....there was one time where this PC that I made with my own hands was top-of-the-line. :D

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