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A320-X for FSX - Update v1.0.1.192 now released!

Lefteris Kalamaras

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Lefteris Kalamaras

 Hello all,

We are very pleased to announce the release of our updated A320-X v1.0.1.192 for FSX.

This is an update release for all versions of Flight Simulator X (SP2 / XPack and Steam) which features improvements and fixes over the previous versions and is inline with our promise to provide continuous support on our product line.

We invite everyone to download and install this update as it fixes the MCDU freeze a lot of you have been observing. It also contains several other improvements and fixes itemized below:

Logic fixes / improvements

    - Service trip wind parsing fix
    - Route parsing logic updated
    - CRZ ALT fix
    - SimBrief parsing error fix

    - COMPANY MSG added
    - Fix for Cargo temperature logic

    - PA logic fix

    - Bleed logic fixes
    - Rapid decompression alt bug fix

    - APU Autoshutdown fixes

    - Elevator unloading improvements
    - added protection to elevator control block and reset flare gains
    - fix for elevators on ROLLOUT

    - Fix for Engine Oil temperatures

    - Tweak for low energy calculations

- Small updates / improvements

    - Flight Management
        - MIN DEST FOB fix
        - ALTN fuel prediction tuned
        - FD leg calculation fixes
        - FC non-std position calculation fixes
        - Freeze fix
        - AC STATUS page on DONE reversion fix
        - FUEL and PAYLOAD interfacing with various components
        - INIT B Winds fix
        - FMP Takeoff cancellation logic added
    - Flight Guidance
        - Flare mode improvements
        - Flare gains updated
        - FMP Takeoff cancellation logic added
        - Fix for crash when GA without MSAP
        - Fix for issue around polar routes

    - Fix for Fuel Pumps and AUTO FEED FAULT

    - Landing light effects improvement in cloud/fog
    - Spotlights improvements
    - Beacon on wing tips fix

    - Fix for X739 messaging
    - Fix for MCDU Lights not clearing

    - Bouncing effect reduced

    - internal database improvements

Tiller logic
    - Added option to make 'comma' key sticky

Weather Radar
    - Gains tweaks

    - Memory optimizations


We are continuing our work towards our first Service Pack, our plan so far is to incorporate important missing functionality, such as Detailed Winds and Secondary Flight Plan (for example) and also improve further the braking and steering issues when no hardware rudder pedals are available. We expect this new functionality to be delivered after we release our Prepar3D version which is currently undergoing final rounds of beta testing.


To download this v1.0.1.192 update, please visit our Flight Sim Labs redownload service area with your Order ID, Serial Number and email. Once you have downloaded the .zip file, extract both installers, uninstall previous Binaries and Resources and install the new ones as per our Installation Instructions here.

NOTE: Also, please make sure you have updated FSLSpotlights to the latest version that is available (currently v1.0.0.31) - that's IMPORTANT :).


Thank you all for your continued support!


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Lefteris Kalamaras


Shortly after the .191 release, we have now made v192 available for FSX - as described above! This should also fix the Internal Protection Error some of you were getting (but you'll also need the latest v1.0.0.31 Spotlights for it).

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