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Happy New Year to all and a Suggestion to devs


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First of all I wish you all, developers, testers and fellow simmers, a great 2017.

Of course thanks for the developers who made us a part of this milestone in the never ending history of desktop flight sims.

The plane is good but I'm starting to feel as a paying betatester. Even if this feeling has been discussed in recent posts I think the last update really crossed the lines bringing

frustration and disappointment in many of us.

Apart from the bugs pointed out here and there, there is a clear and big bug in this project: the forum.

Angry replies addressing new posters to old posts with the "search" function can't be accepted anymore.

Forums must be splitted in subforums:

-Installation Faq's.

-Activation Related issues

-Dx9 and FSX Legacy config suggestions.

-Dx10 and fixers config suggestions.

-Spotlights issues



-Weather engines related interactions

-Services (Aoc, pfpx connectiond and so on)

-Virtual Cockpit

-Refueling Panel device

-Remote MCDU

-Cockpit (VC) and systems

-2D panels

and so on.

A "pool" might be activated by admins to choose subforum sections.

This is of course just a suggestion.

But I think will solve most part of frustration and anger while people spend so much time to get what they are looking for in the forum.

Ignoring this post by devs would mean throwing another stone in following an unclear strategy of further developing this beauty addon.


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Peter Pukhnoy

I'd like to add a suggestion, too. The testers and the devs have said that they read every post and take note of all the bugs even if they don't reply, which I don't think is true . I reported two bugs and only after several weeks have they been noticed. I think it's important that the team acknowledge every bug post they read, I mean how hard is it?

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Same to me, they marked the post as known issue to be resolved (AOC), after one week.

And now there are post with Aoc services issues marked as resolved but don't apply on my and other user issues and you understand just after reading a full topic.

It is just a matter of organize things. Otherwise I think someone thinks to send dust under the carpet and it disappears.

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I agree as well, I was part of another Airbus beta team, they had sub-forums for each systems (Electrical, Hydraulics, etc.), perhaps that is how they have it organized in the beta forum,  but regardless the customers forum need better organization for sure. 

I also agree that the .184 was a bit of a disappointment, but I think the FSL team tried real hard to give us an update before the holidays, and maybe it created more harm than good somehow, I think Andrew stated that the team took a break during the holidays, which is well deserved. Let's assume positive and wait for the next update, and hopefully FSL will read the comments here and take our suggestions under consideration.

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Romain Roux
15 hours ago, enri said:

Angry replies addressing new posters to old posts with the "search" function can't be accepted anymore.

I agree that "angry" replies should be avoided by all means.
However, this forum has also become a huge mess because of the number of redundants threads. There are two many threads about the same issues and tow many threads with multiple issues. It makes it really difficult to follow.

Maybe splitting the forum would help but you would also get a couple of more issues with people posting in wrong forums as it is already the case and putting different issues in the same post.

I would really encourage posters to:

_ First check for threads already existing before posting (using the search option)

_ Post in the correct forums: They are numerous occurences where posts about the A320 where opened in the general forum instead of the A320 for instance.

_ Put only one issue per post in order to ease the follow-up of issues. Difficult to mark a thread as resolved/tracked when there some issues fixed or tracked and some others not.


It would help everyone... I think.

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Pankaj Dekate

Acknowledging every bug post would mean that they have to take time off to first go and verify that is an actual bug. If does not make sense when they are already busy . This works well when it's just been released.. But it makes sense to start looking at bugs when multiple reports of the same issue started cropping up.. That would be a time worth investing .Unless the user has provided good enough details with error logs that they can figure out that it is indeed a bug .

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Norman S Bowman

The developers will never get things right for a lot of customers who think that a so called bug is vital to the running of the aircraft.

As customers we are not privy to the commercial information re sales and without that information to hand we as the customer often assume that because we have a malfunction everyone else  has the same or a similar problem.The reality may be that only a small percentage of customers are having that particular problem.The developers will have to be the judge and jury as to what is important and what is trivial or cosmetic.

Developers should/will check the forum on a daily basis so perhaps a small check mark against each new "bug" post will show that it has been seen and let the poster and other readers know.t.Problems will still exist when the bug reports do not carry even the most basic of information regarding the problem to enable the developers to replicate the bug.Without being able to replicate any problem in house means that the developers can not provide a solution.We all think that our own problem is most important - it is but only to us! 

If you are going to post about a problem,please search the forum.If you find that nothing is on the forum regarding your problem then explain what your problem is and if it is feasible take a short video of that problem - pictures are better than words.Be prepared to be told that it is not a problem but it is down to your misplaced fingers or your lack of knowledge re the aircraft.We have all been in that situation only to find out it was my own actions that caused the problem.

Please guys we need to get things put in place to ensure that we and the developers can all work together on this great aircraft.

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