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Hi,  I used Flight Simulator X via Steam and bought the Concorde X Add on in a disk to add the concorde to it.  Unfortuntely it does not load.  We get as far as installing the CIVA INS part.  It goes to 98% but then stops and freezes.  I have tried downloading the CIVA application from the SIMUFLY.com website, but it does the same.  Although we can see the concords on Flight Simulator, when you click on them they load to about 4% and then crash you out of the game.

Any suggestions how I can use this add on please?  Sorry, I am not very technical.

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Karsten Mogilka

Hi cnash


Try to follow this thread at first please. Its verry importent that you have a clean deinstallation before you try to do a new one. 


Greets Karsten from Germany

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James Coombe

The disk version? As far as I know this is not compatible with FSX Steam Edition?

I think you will need to use the re download service to get the latest version that is compatible with steam............

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