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Found 13 results

  1. Luke Hall


    I can't find an update log for version What has changed over version
  2. Vincent Twisker

    Updates and roadmap

    A very nice announcement about the coming update...but no mention anymore of the earlier announced Homecockpit version. Well I guess it is not "By the end of the year" yet. Come on FSLabs, give us hardware users and Homecockpit builders something to interface the 320X to.

    A320 PBR

    This week, PMDG release NGXu, it got pretty good external.The PBR looks very nice, i want ask do we have PBR on A320 in future?
  4. Valesius Faulkner

    No Cabin Night Lighting

    Hello, I noticed in the 415 update that there is no longer any cabin night lighting from inside. The cabin looks well lit from the external view, but inside is all dark. Is it supposed to be like this? Also I have tested this with the original shaders as well as tomato shade
  5. i spy with my little eye literally bursting with anticipation for this new update
  6. Hey to every one, I would like to know if in the future there will be a new version for FSXusers with the sec flight plan and fix info available. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi all, In the announcement of May 2017 the following was stated: - A note for our FSLabs A32X Home Cockpit and Professional Versions future customers: We are working with select hardware providers who have been eager to lend us their products so that we can ensure full and correct compatibility. Delays in releasing compatibility kits have been inevitable due to the various simulator platforms being released simultaneously. We hope and expect to have something for our customers by the end of the year. For the Home cockpit built many switches etc are accessible using the Rotor Brake codes and/or using Linda. Unfortunately the OHP and MIP square pushbuttons won't work, even if you can see the VC switch actually being pressed/released using the Rotor Brake codes. I was wondering if this functionality will (only) become available in a future Professional edition and not in the much anticipated "P3DV4/FSX update". ATB, Vincent
  8. Terblanche

    Update v1.0.1.184 problems

    I've uninstalled and reboot, installed and reboot. Everything went well except - first flight EKCH-EDDM on short finals the aircraft started to bank left, disconnected AP and manually was able to do a deep landing but on the runway. Second flight from EDDM-LIBP everything went well untill 14 000' inbound on STAR for LIBP, aircraft went into steep bank down to the left. Nothing responded, as if SIMCONNECT disconnected and neither EZDOK or joystick responded ... I've never had this before. And weather radar doesn't show anything while descending through thick clouds and occasional rain. Everything on weather radar panel is on and auto and gain at +4 ... Something, somewhere, isn't right and it drives my OCD insane. Nothing has changed on my rig except the uninstall/reboot/install/reboot sequence. Any help? Regards Terblanche
  9. Nach dem Update v1.0.1.184 startet das Flugzeug nicht mehr, der ganze Flugsimulator stürzt sofort ab. Was ist das denn für eine Programmierung?
  10. S_T_E_V_E S_U_M_M_E_R_S

    Pilot Routes (prior to installing Latest Update)

    Just a quick question, is it wise for me to save a copy of my Pilot Routes (ones I created manually) located in FSLNavData.bin file before I install the latest update? Rgds, Steve
  11. Edgar Luis Predabon Jr

    [Resolved] FSX BUG After Installing Update v1.0.1.184

    Look at what just happened after installing this new update: https://postimg.org/image/q2bpz1qwx/ Hope it has other sollution then a clean install...
  12. Ignacio Allende C.

    (Humble) Requests for SP1

    I am aware you must be working hard on P3D and SP1, maybe you will implement HOLD at PPOS, assignable RUDDER TRIM and further ipad/tablet enhancement?. I mean, for instructional and multi-crew purposes we would enormously benefit from having a couple more full-implemented 2D panels for the ipad (via Chrome is fine) like an Ecam and Switching control panel, Overhead, FCU (almost fine with the current one, lacks p/b's) and a Pedestal. That way the instructor/pilot monitoring can assist the pilot flying as needed and expected without interrupting the flow. If too complicated, a single generic panel with generic buttons would do as well (flaps, spd brk, gear, gravity extn, fcu options, ecam sys, switching panel switches, eng masters, rud trim reset, primary overhead pb's, etc). Hope these are reasonable requests, thanks for at least considering them.
  13. fernandobs

    Update the FMGS

    Hi guys I was wondering if you have any plans for updating the other features of the FMGS? such as: Step climbs, Offsets, rta, next way point, wind, .... It would be great if you could implement these features in the fmgs. Best Fernando
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