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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Lefteris. Per your advice, I rolled back to 376.33 NVIDIA driver (I have a GTX 1060 Graphics card. ) The ConcordeX still crashes (FSX) as soon as the message displays "INS NAV MIX." Each time I attempt to load the plane it welcomes me as a "NEW" purchaser so it must not be confirming my registration and completing the activation(?) As I mentioned earlier, I checked my registry and the full serial number is present in a ConcordeX directory in HKEY_USERS. Is the ConcordeX program looking for something on my computer to prove I am a licensed user before it allows me to fully acti
  2. Hi guys, I recently purchased P3D and with it the Concorde from FSLabs. When I run the Concorde-X installer on the simulator selection platform box, my P3D is greyed out and unable to be selected. Also I am running PreparD V3.4.22.19868 which I think is the latest version at this moment in time. I have looked up the issue and I have tried multiple things including trying to rename P3D .exe file to try and get it to find it but that didn't work. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  3. Milan Assuied

    Anyone flying P3D in 1440p ?

    Hi everyone, Back in the days I bought the original Concorde X for FSX and had some fun on a regular basis with it. However the performance impact was huge, I experienced crashes, and I put it aside. Today I am really interested in getting the P3D version, my rig went up and people assured me that the new version was far better so I think it should be good on that side, even if the sceneries (i'm on ftx, like a lot of people) are getting more and more complex. The point is I am playing in 1440p and someone pointed out that :
  4. Hello I just want to introduce myself to the forums. I have been a sound engineer for about 7 years and have a great deal of skills in the sound industry for FS, I love this plane and now it is time for me to buy this fantastic product and I will be doing a brand new soundpack, not saying the original one is no good that is not true!!! but what I will do is recreate a brand new free soundpack for users of the addon and bring the beauty into 2013. I have been currently working on alot of soundpacks for military aircraft for developers but that does not rule out the fact I am not capable t
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