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  1. Hello, I am a member of a flight simulator club and our vocation is to build realistic air cockpits which are used by our members in our facilities or outside during some events. Our last productions are (see pictures): - DR 400 - DA62 glareshield - Boeing 777 (based on PMDG 777X and Prepar3DV4) Our future 2020 project is to make an A320 cockpit based on FSLABS A320. For this we need to get all the elements allowing us generating inputs (by pushbutton, switches, encoders, etc) and outputs (lights, displays) About inputs, most of the information are available through Linda pu
  2. Hi, I was changing PCs but I can't locate my A320 serial key. I've checked back in my emails but the only confirmation I've received, is the 'Fast Spring' order confirmation with my order number in it. I haven't got an installation/serial key anywhere in my emails. Could anyone help? Thanks! Btw I didn't buy the A320 add-on on this account, it was on my mum's account. Thanks,
  3. Michal Pierzchala

    Black textures

    Hello, I have a problem like on video below. Did anyone experienced something like that and know the solution? Regards. Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v5 2020-06-30 23-10-28_Trim.mp4
  4. Simon Kelsey

    A320X Tutorials

    Hello all, I have started putting together some video tutorials for various aspects of A320X operation. My list to do going forward includes control laws, autoflight modes, non-ILS and non-precision approaches, descent management, a closer look at some of the MCDU pages and functions and so on. Hopefully you find them useful and if there is anything you would particularly like to see, any suggestions would be welcomed. I have started with landing as this is a fairly commonly-asked question! Landing Circuits
  5. i watched the Blackbox711's twittch streaming, i saw the latest cockpit features, it's pretty nice, so i wanna ask any news about the a320 for p3dv5
  6. Hi folks, For my homecockpit I can succesfully undock (from the VC) all PFD, ND and ECAM displays to drag and save them to the appropriate position on my monitors. It would be great if this became possible for the ISIS and DBI screens as well. Would it be possible to facilitate this in the next 320X update? Or is there already a way to do this? Cheers! Vincent
  7. Hi, Loading the panel state from my previous flight I have noted that everything is loaded exactly as it was, with the exception of anti skid switch. It was automatically reset to ON. Is it a bug ?
  8. Brian Grenadier

    Spotlights Installation Issue

    I have recently purchased the A320, and noticed the dome light does not illuminate the cockpit. I believe the correct solution, as I read on the forum, is to install the Spotlights program. I installed the program, but it completely de-activated my aircraft. I see a blank cockpit without any movable knobs or switches. No power, and no ability to start power. I uninstalled the plane and spotlights. Re-installed the plane and it worked perfectly. But after trying to install spotlights again, the same problem occurred. I deactivated Windows Defender on both installs. Not sure what the issue
  9. Chawin Kongtup

    Black Screen and No landing gear

    after I install fslabs a320x then open FSX:SE it occur black screen and no landing gear How I fix it? *** I try to uninstall complete and reinstall it still remain

    A320 PBR

    This week, PMDG release NGXu, it got pretty good external.The PBR looks very nice, i want ask do we have PBR on A320 in future?
  11. Michal Pierzchala

    Few buttons don't work in A320X

    Hello, I gotta question. One month ago I bought A320X and I have problem with few buttons. In MCDU LSK 2L, LSK 3L and LSK 4L are unable to click. They don't push as fine-working buttons. When I wanna set the VOR frequency (first screenshot) I'm unable to click it as in MCDU, but on FO's panel the same button works. And I gotta 2nd problem. When I am on LOC and I'm established on ILS to runway, immediately it changes the direction and after few seconds it turns back to the rwy's heading. Did anyone had sth like that and can help me? Regards, Michal
  12. Hey folks, hope everyone is doing well. Are there any tips on how to improve A320/A319 performance my specs are as follows: 16GB DDR4, Asus RTX 2070 and Intel Core I7 9700K yet I struggle between 20-25 frames in good conditions. In poor weather conditions and heavy scenery's the numbers are in 15-10 and sometimes 20. Any tips on how to improve performance are appreciated. I also want to point out that almost all the time I run FSlabs my GPU is screaming at 98% of load.
  13. Max Harris

    esellerate download limit

    I'm having issues with FSlabs A320 so decided to do a fresh install, several times so far. Just as I thought I was getting somewhere, I get the message fro esellerate that I've reached my download limit. I've sent them an email but in the mean time any ideas on what I can do? Like all computer issues, I'm pulling my hair out !
  14. Hi Fslabs, Firstly, I would like say what great products you have released. Currently I'm flying the A320x and have decided to do some night time flying. I installed FSL spotlights but i'm having issues controlling the lighting. In my SIM, when I click DOME from 'off' to 'dim' the whole cockpit lights up with extremely overbright lighting. I click the DOME light 'dim' to 'off' and the lighting stays. I have to go into FSL SpotLights manager and click reload for the light to turn off. Also sometimes when I am at the gate or taxi, even with the DOME light to 'off' the cockp
  15. Hello I made you a video about one of the latest version of features. The cloud surfing at night is just a thing, but seeing the lights on the clouds more than anything. I just quickly went up above the clouds to make this for you. The Video Hope you like it! Marcell
  16. Marcell Csendes

    [Resolved] Just bought FSA320X

    Hello! I just bought A320X! Wondering if FS SpotLights still available free of charge, so if bundled with the A320? As I can see it's not, however just asked it anyway Thanks! Marcell
  17. chrisinside

    Requiered minimums

    Dear fellow enthusiasts, I am about to purchase the A320x and I have an Issue. As the FSLabs Team politely points out that there is a requiered minimum of 16 GB of Ram I wonder if it is also possible to fly the A320x with 8GB of Ram. My other specifications are 1060 GTX and i7 7700 4.20 gHz. looking forward to an answer, as I don't want to spend 90€ on an airplane which I am then unavailable to fly. Sincerely Chris
  18. Hermann Kuhne

    Desktop Icons - Missing Link

    Installation of the FSLabs A320X placed two icons on my desktop which at this stage are useless. They are FSLA320-X MCDU and FSLA320-X Refuel Panel. Clicking on them gets no results except the attached message. If no results why place them on the desktop in the first place?
  19. Hey to every one, I would like to know if in the future there will be a new version for FSXusers with the sec flight plan and fix info available. Thanks a lot!
  20. Jacob Roberts

    Ailerons on Touchdown

    Hey Guys, I have been watching plenty of real world videos of A320 landings and noticed that on touchdown, both the ailerons and spoilers raise, however this doesn't seem to be the case on the FSLabs A320X. Is there any reason for this ? Thanks Jacob
  21. Hi guys i just created a new account on this forum to download some liveries for my A320X, but i get this error when clicking on the download button "1D161/3" what to do please ?
  22. S_T_E_V_E S_U_M_M_E_R_S

    FSL A320X Verified Owner (Badge)

    Hi all, this took me a little while to figure out so I decided to post it here for anyone else who was wondering how to get the verified owner badge. 1. Go to your profile 2. Go to "Account Settings" (under your profile) 3. Select "My Products" 4. Enter both your "Serial Number" and "Order Number" and click "Verify". If you've entered the details correctly, your badge will automatically display under your username. Cheers! Steve
  23. A-n-t-o-i-n-e_L-e-b-ou-r-g

    China Eastern Safety Demonstration

    China Eastern Safety Demonstration View File China Eastern Airlines Safety Demonstration from B-7031 (B738) recorded with mobile phone on 26/02/2017. As live record, there are some noise coming from A/C and passengers but the quality is decent. The first seconds, welcome in Chinese language, are also missing due to wrong manipulation from the crew. Submitter alebourg Submitted 03/03/17 Category Unsupporte
  24. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    Vueling Safety Demonstration

    Vueling Safety Demonstration View File By user request the Safety Demonstration of Vueling. It is a cabin recording only but with decent quality. Submitter Mad_X Submitted 03/02/17 Category Unsupported Modifications  
  25. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    LTU Safety Demonstration

    LTU Safety Demonstration View File Safety demonstration of long gone German 'LTU International Airlines'. The video were the sound is originating from is from 2002 and was designed for an A330. It is German language only with english subtitels. Submitter Mad_X Submitted 03/02/17 Category Unsupported Modifications  
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