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Found 32 results

  1. Calisto Del Aguila


    Hello, When I launch P3d V4.5, and I start in big scenery with the FSLabs A320 or 319. The chargement of my scenery is freezes at 80% and start the FSLabs chargement but the games never load. Can you help me ? Please
  2. phil highton


    Anyone in the know if getting realeased tomorrow ?, My life will be complete
  3. Jakub Golais

    Credit card purchase denied

    hey guy I got a qustion when I want to buy A319 from FSLabs and I fill up all necessary fields I have to it wrote me that we are regret and I can not accept my payment I have found and I have l set limit over 80€ I dont know any help ?
  4. Pablo Röhrig

    A321X FSLabs Airbus A321 Cinematic video!

    Check out the cinematic video that I have made of the FSLabs Airbus A321 X. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ehHAYb3ZP4
  5. Craig Watt

    A321 Series

    Hi Guys! I am not a big poster on here but I just wanted first to congratulate in my view fslabs having the best aircraft as an add on you can buy, I stated with A320 then A319. I am genuienlly so excited about the realise of the A321. I purchased the Aerosoft A330 last week and whilst there are worse add ons for me its not even in the same league of the fs labs proucts. Ive never flew a more immersive aircraft than the fs labs. After reading some of the snipits from certain articles I literlly can not wait for this product. I look forward to new products. This 1 I am really eager for! keep up the fantastic work. I would recomend anyone looking to buy the Airbus A320 or A319 to look no further than fslabs products. I know once the A321 is developed I will definatley be buying that too. I Hope my fellow simmers and fslabs team has a great christmas and a fantasic new year. Craig
  6. Hello all, If you have been following our forums, you might have noticed me replying to several posts asking for updates and information that "I will be coming out with more news soon". I've refrained from doing so until now, not because we've had nothing to show, but because there was a lot of work involved and I wanted my update to have some significant details on where we are at and what is to be expected - a roadmap, if you will. Lots of things are happening simultaneously in the sim world as we speak: New versions of sim platforms, for example: Dovetail released a FSX Steam update a few weeks ago and Lockheed Martin came out with a new Prepar3D v3.0. This is wonderful news for the industry, however at the same time, it means there are now five different simulation platforms to be supported in the future, all with a common ancestor, Microsoft Flight Simulator X. We have SP2, XPack, Steam, P3D v2.5 and P3D v3.0 now, one or more instances of which is running on customers' setups. As such, we need to remain vigilant on our goals for the FSLabs product line, to ensure we keep you satisfied with our upcoming releases. This is where our product line stands as of the time of this writing: FSL Spotlights We just recently released a new version (available for free download on our servers) that is compatible with ALL simulator platforms. This means FSX SP2/XPack, FSX-Steam Edition, but also Prepar3D v2.5 and Prepar3D v3.0. This version improves significantly on the quality of spotlights that can be seen in the virtual cockpit, especially so for low-polygon models that suffered jaggy artifacts in previous versions. Feel free to download and test it for yourself - just place your aircraft at LGAV airport and the product will work 100% unrestricted. Once you're satisfied, you can purchase a license to unlock it for the rest of the world - do so inside the FSL Spotlights Manager (as instructed in the documentation). FSL Concorde-X Someone already spilled the beans (*cough cough* Andy): We have already released a couple v1.3 candidates to our Concorde-X beta testers. This upcoming release contains the following new features and updates: - Compatibility with FSX-Steam Edition. - Significant memory management improvements (300-350MB of VAS savings compared to the previous version) - Full DX10 compatibility for FSX and FSX-SE (windowed mode as well as full screen) - New and improved Virtual Cockpit lighting thanks to FSL Spotlights (you *will* need to download FSL Spotlights!) - Sonic boom effects heard in external view - Several bug fixes: - Yaw Trim not showing on Elevons - Virtual Flight Engineer fixes - Increased drag for supersonic descents - Autopilot roll control improvements - Most FSX crashes on exit fixed Barring any unanticipated delays with the Concorde-X testing, we expect that this version will come out on our eSellerate servers within the following weeks. As such, anyone who's purchased the Concorde-X with eSellerate download protection in the past 365 days from the day of release will be able to download the new full version for free. For those who have purchased it more than a year ago, we've made a special purchase available at a token price tag (4.99) which covers our ISP providers' cost and ensures continued support. Our Concorde-X roadmap will also bring the Concorde-X to Prepar3D. This will be a separate SKU at a similar price tag as the FSX version. While we'd wish to provide upgrade paths from one product line to the other, the significant work involved to support both product lines does not allow this. We expect that we'll be able to provide a bundle price if both products are purchased together. FSL A320-X (Be honest, did you just jump here directly?) We've made quite a bit of progress. Some information to set the mood and set up some expectations: - We have aimed to be realistic in all aspects of the A320-X. If you have watched my videos from "a few months ago" at that conference, we wanted to ensure the aircraft feels, breathes and behaves like its real counterpart. This is one of the reasons why we took such a long time developing it - we tried to make it feel like an A320 in its flight behavior and in its dynamics all around. Not all of us are A320 pilots, but for those who are, we hope that you will "sense" the A320 in your flight sticks, rather than feel something that is "eh, like one, possibly". This was really important to us. Manual flight should behave and feel the same, in EFCS normal laws, but also in alternate and direct law as well. - Once we were happy and satisfied with how the bird flies "by hand", we needed to adapt this sensation to its automatic counter-part. Since this is a VERY computerized aircraft, this meant we had to observe, identify and reproduce a multitude of scenarios, setups and patterns which identify the nuances and characteristics that make the A320 so very unique but also so very "easy to fly". We learned these past few years that "easy to fly" means "quite difficult to program". We believe we've achieved that to our satisfaction now. In fact, rather than continuing on with my thoughts, I asked our testers to provide some feedback on what's coming your way and what their thoughts are on the A320-X. Here's a few select tidbits of what they had to say so far: "The autopilot and ATHR are phenomenal. You watch YouTube videos of how they react in the real plane, and that's what you're getting in the FSLabs one. The transitions in vertical modes? Smooth as silk." "Sounds - engines fading away in cruise and the wind noise getting noticeably louder; it feels so immersive. Same with electrical contactors etc. When the engine goes available on upper ECAM and you hear the contactor bringing that engine's GEN online. Also switching from ground to APU power and you hear the electrical hum change frequency slightly". "Batteries - noticed last night the load on the batteries starting the APU (and stanby compass going nuts). Again, these are only little things that add to the immersion factor". "Fuel system - pitching down from T/D caused the OUTR TNK XFR ECAM warning when the main tanks were getting towards low". "Single engine handling - both this and general static thrust (crew-only payload and <5t fuel means you'll be on the brakes nearly all the time when taxiing)". "One of my favourite aspects of the A320X simulation is the immersion factor you’ve achieved with the sounds in this product. Audio dynamically fine tunes to represent the different phases of flight with great results. From boarding - where you can hear the hustle and bustle of passengers in the cabin, dings from the CIDS, the whirring of the hydraulic and fuel electric pumps and the distinctive whistling of the packs running. To the blowers below the flight deck keeping the racks of electrical equipment cool – and not forgetting the ‘barking dog’ sound from the PTU on push and start". "Once on the move the aircraft really comes to life – thundering down the runway, the thud of each runway light sends rattles through the cockpit as the aircraft accelerates. The nose wheel below the flight deck begins to resonate as you approach takeoff speed and peaks as it breaks free from ground contact. Climbing out, the characteristic buzz saw from the engine fans as the tips rip through the air at supersonic speeds, gently begins to fade away as the atmosphere gets thinner – replaced by the rush of wind noise on the flight deck". "My favourite part is descent – the engines slowly reduce to modulated idle, which sends another low-frequency resonance through the aircraft. Soon after, we’re at ‘top of bracket’ on the PFD speed tape and the FMGS commands true thrust idle – the resonance produce by the engines falls away and we’re gliding. Only the distant turbulent sound of the spoilers can be heard in the background as the automatics chase our descent profile". "The individual systems, you can see most of the wonders implemented behind the scenes appear at power-up. Once you get some AC power online, the Display Units come to life, you see the self-test screen and then they come on properly. For the next few minutes you can see and hear the multitude of computers coming online, either through quick flashes on the overhead PBs or the FIRE TEST master warning upon startup". "The quality of TERR ON ND. Absolutely brilliant - I love that the "sweep" is accurate, and only updates terrain during turns when the sweep reaches that part of the display as per the real aircraft. The clarity of the display is also excellent, and the waypoints showing correct details (purple outline for constraints etc)". "Immersion is so important to most serious simmers, and that's what the A320-X brings in spades. Other already available products are either incomplete in aspects beyond just failures or are unabashedly designed to be "lite" in many respects, such as FMGS modeling and aircraft systems beyond the most basic. The A320-X brings it all home at last and at a level at least equal to any airliner simulation available today." "I love the immersion factors such as the rich and varied sound set, which animates the cockpit environment in spectacular fashion. I love that the MCDU menus are complete and authentic as compared to the real deal; thus putting me in a virtual cockpit all the way. The A320X brings all of these details to life." "Trip times, fuel burn in the FMGS is simply to the spot - no nonsense. I'd tried some other products - they were way off. In the A320-X, you will not have to be playing guesswork with the numbers, it's correct from pre-flight to landing". "So MANY details really: 1. The engine simulation is by far the best I've seen in FS. Realistic (and immersive) startups down to secondary engine parameters. Effects of bleed demands (packs, anti-ice) on engine (individually) and thrust on the ground and in the air. Smooth single engine taxi. Spoil up/down timings - The ATHR is genius. Everyone needs to fly gusty/windy approaches and see Ground Speed Mini in action. 2. External model animation and sounds all properly linked to their appropriate systems. Rudder weathervane in the wind. Drooped surfaces react to wind direction and speed. Inlet/outlet doors animations. 3. First real Airbus FWCs simulation. Just SICK: Hundreds of messages generated from real interactions of the sim systems. 4. Proper pressurization system - you can play with it on the ground and the air and expect high levels of simulation. 5. EFCS: Simply the best. The end of the "Airbus can't be done in FS" curse. FINALLY !!! The smoothest, yet the most reactive. A joy to hand fly. All laws, degradations are there. 6. Excellent representation of Airbus Display Units. Perfect ratios - Colors are very close to the real thing. Great fonts, great smoothness". Personally, I feel those comments are seriously enthusiastic - however, I've not been able to find a single comment to be 'exaggerated' or 'over-the top'. As you can see, our testers are actually really enjoying the A320-X so far. In fact, so much so, that I am wondering if I might not crack the whip a bit now to get them to find more bugs, so we can give you as much of a smooth experience as possible come release day! Oh - and by the way... We released a new video, see what you think of that part at the very end that says "Now in...". I'm embedding it here. Don't cheat - watch it first, then read on below. (Watch in full screen, 1080p resolution for best experience) Did you cheat? Oh well. If you did, shame on you! If not: Yep. It's true. We're in BETA now! This means we've frozen all new code development and have gone 100% into bug fixing mode for the features that made the v1.0 RTM cut. Our beta testers have been given the OK to actually start flying the aircraft online on VATSIM/IVAO so if you see them around, be kind and don't make them break their NDA, or I'll have to kick them from the beta testing team! Pity them therefore! We'll be opening up the beta applications process very soon as we now want to get a few more simmers as well on board. Expect more info on this in a separate post. Oh - and a final note. A thank you goes to Airline2Sim for helping us out with this latest video - they are awesome! In fact, we are hoping that our initial collaboration will extend to a more fruitful relationship - they've liked what they saw in the A320-X so much, that they're going to be producing their next training series with it, to be taught by a team of real world A320 pilots! But for this, I'll let Ben Weston describe their plans more when he is ready! I promise I'll keep updating everyone with beta progress regularly now! Hope you liked what you've read so far! It's not long now!
  7. Bedran Batkitar

    GSX L2 interaction issue with FSLABS

    Hey guys, since I updated my FSLABS gsx l2 doesn’t work properly with the FSLABS as it worked before the update. What have I to do if I want everything work as it should work ? When I set int on the radio panel no gsx window pops up, the refueling doesn’t start automatically when I enter the OFP DATA in the ATSU, boarding doesn’t start automatically either. Help please guys.
  8. Hello, my simulator (P3d v3.4) crashes/shut down to desktop in almost every single flight I try to do with the Fs Labs A320X. It happens every time in flight when I am in the air and there is no Information why it chrashed. The screen is frozen for a few seconds an then it shuts down to my desktop.... I can‘t find a solution for that in the internet. An another Problem with the Fs Labs A320X I have is, that the lights doesn‘t luminate the Cockpit and the flood lights aren‘t working. Does anyone know about the Problems and could help me?
  9. Good Day, When i want to Start a Flight after i Choose my Aircraft and the Airport.. and want to Click on ok that the Flight is Start.. once in the Preview Window stands Preview not Avaible after seconds the P3D is Crashing. I Got this error Message: Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: Prepar3D.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x5cd47aad Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: ntdll.dll, Version: 10.0.17134.799, Zeitstempel: 0x7f828745 Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000374 Fehleroffset: 0x00000000000f479b ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x205c Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01d5584b7fb94d62 Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: D:\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll Berichtskennung: 7c0a0d3b-a9c7-4e33-8b4a-31fe3477dc2f Vollständiger Name des fehlerhaften Pakets: Anwendungs-ID, die relativ zum fehlerhaften Paket ist:
  10. Randall Coultas

    Dulles at Dusk

  11. Felix Caft

    EFB for FSLabs A320X

    Good day, is it planned that the FSLabs A320X will get an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)? If so, when can we expect it?
  12. Rami Jaafar

    Application manager utility

    Kinda wonder what happened to that project after you guys stated that it may release after the 64bit A320 ? we really need something to do the updates and if possible the liveries for us becuase it's tiring to download and reinstall the the whole products every update. also it will be easy for you guys to push updates more often as soon as there is serious bug and got resolved. Kind regards to all the Fslabs mods and family for their great work
  13. Hi guys So all is in the title, i know it's a major question but i think fsx will be die into few years replaced by P3D and xplane.I don't have P3D but im enjoying x-plane (the 11 still in beta but work fine).What i mean is when fsx will die customers will go for one or other simulator and the market will be different, so this is the point of my question. xp11 will be very realistic and p3d is maybe the replacement for fsx. On xp we have jardesing, they do a great a320 and a330 but i wait the official version for xp11 before buy it.So does fslabs is interested by x-plane or never we see you on x-plane ?
  14. Klaus Schmitzer

    Thank you for a great sim experience!

    Hey! I am a long time FSX user, I also flew the fslabs bus with FSX. Now I changed to P3Dv4, also with the A320 and now the 319... this is a whole new simming world. I was never very kind in some comments here on the forum about development of the A320. Now I know that the problem was 32bit. I want to say thank you for this awesome piece of software. You guys do an incredible job, please keep up the good work!
  15. Jose Rodrigues

    My adventures with Airbus

    I did not know there was a screenshots section in the forum My first landing ever with FSLabs (tutorial flight)
  16. Wayne George


    Hello Guys, I recently just bought this program that seems to be helping. Here you have a new tool that is $5.00 on Simmarket that is compatible with the FSLabs A320. I think it might help everyone out so i thought i'd share it here just in case nobody knew about it. http://secure.simmarket.com/tops-takeoff-performance-system-fsx-p3d.phtml
  17. Marc Stanford

    Airbus A321

    Hello all First of I would like to say as a real life student pilot & hardcore systems simmer with P3D, the FSLabs A320 is a very satisfying aircraft to fly not only the best Airbus but my most favorite aircraft to fly in P3D as an Airbus fan. I'm looking forward to the A321, I've seen previews of the A319 but not the A321, will the A319 be released first and how long will it take for the A321 to follow? Can we expect it by the end of this year hopefully?
  18. Andrea Bianchini

    Video Real VS Fslabs

    In this video a short I make a comparison of a real Airbus power up versus the fslabs A320 215
  19. Haakon Conradi

    P3Dv3 to v4 serial key issue

    I purchased the A320 for P3Dv3 a long time ago and now used my discount coupon to get the P3Dv4 version. I installed it but the aircraft wasn't showing itself in the sim, so I uninstalled thinking a re-install would maybe solve the issue. But the installer requires the serial code for the P3Dv4 version. I only got the serial code when I first upgraded expecting it would also be sent by mail or something. I have the P3Dv3 serial code.
  20. Hey to every one, I would like to know if in the future there will be a new version for FSXusers with the sec flight plan and fix info available. Thanks a lot!
  21. Colin Foley

    Concorde X crashes at 3%

    Hello, Yesterday I received Concorde X (boxed edition) after purchasing it from Aerosoft. i installed it, but whenever I selected it in the FSX menu (FSX Steam Edition) the game would crash. I reinstalled it and this time I managed to select it, but now when I load the flight FSX crashes at 3% loading. I have CIVA INS installed, and I have checked multiple times and do not have any of the conflicting windows updates that I know of. Any help would be appreciated, because I would love to fly this beautiful plane. Thanks, Colin
  22. Jarred Evans

    Manchester to Palma

    Hi, I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you some of my pictures of flying the FSLabs A320 From Manchester down to Palma. Really enjoyed the flight as well as the amazing sunset upon landing. A really nice aircraft to fly and so realistic. jj
  23. Hi Guys, I was thinking of some ideas that would be nice to have with this aircraft. The team at Fslabs have done an amazing job with this aircraft but i feel like there's 2 things missing. One of these features is perhaps @Lefteris Kalamaras and the rest of the team can make rain drops appear on the aircraft windows when it's raining? and perhaps make ice appear on the windows when ice is present? Let me know what you think
  24. ATC1579

    A320 Blocking FSL_A32XX.dll

    Hi guys, Just purchased the FSL A320 for FSX. Have a slight issue in that every time I load up the aircraft I receive a message saying that Windows Has Found A Problem with a specific DLL file. When I spawn into the aircraft there are no clickable objects in the flight deck and the gear does not appear. I installed the Resources first and then the Binaries. All in admin and with all firewalls disabled. I have tried a few reinstalls but no success. Hopefully someone has seen this issue before and resolved it! I've attached a photo of the warning I receive. Regards, Aidan
  25. Robert J Toten

    Default livery bug.

    Just installed the new update, love the increased performance. Noticed this little issue on the default livery, I think it was the CFM version. Notice the white line that wraps completely around the fuselage. Looks like the aft texture may be moved back too far by a few pixels. It cuts through the window marked for emergency ingress. Edit: How do you insert your attachment into the post, so you guys don't have to DL it? 2016-12-19_19-32-51-644.BMP 2016-12-19_19-32-51-644.BMP
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