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Found 8 results

  1. NicholasBrown5199

    CPDLC And Vatsim

    Hello all, not necessarily a support request but does anyone have any experience using CPDLC on vatsim while flying in the US? I rarely ever see any us stations on the active controllers page except for KUSA... is that what I should be connecting to or is KUSA not related to vatsim?
  2. Robin Locher

    New Voice Codec announced

    Hi community, i just see the announcement from Vatsim. The release is getting closer. https://audio.vatsim.net/ I hope in a further update it will be possible to control the voice volume with the audio Control Panel in the FSLabs. That would be great.:) Really looking forward to this new Codec Regards Robin
  3. Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt

    LiveATC feed for off-IVAO flying

    Hi, I am currently flying online (for weather) -but off IVAO- over swiss airspace. I felt quite lonely and for a moment I recalled that little feature that Aerosoft's Airbus has that it plays a bunch of prerecorded atc chatting, so trying to achieve something similar I connected to Geneve Radar feed from LIVEATC.NET. At some moment, the light bulb came up in my head: Why not issuing a function in the plane that would allow us to connect to a liveatc feed once we set a specific frequency and click one of the buttons we don't use in the sim, like HF1 , HF2 or AM, so we start listen that feed ??? Basically what I say is, if I set 126.05 in the freq selector and choose HF1 -since we dont use HF in it- I would 'listen' to Geneve Radar's LIVEATC feed. If I switch back to VHF1, I would use the sims built sim radios. I mean, I can always play it in the background, but having this one built in would be frawesome (freaking awesome)...
  4. Good evening, I am having a problem with the FSLABS Airbus A320X. I use FSX with Acceleration Pack. The issue exists with both IAE and CFM versions. I have four Intel i5 processors, a ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card, only DirectX 10 and Windows 7. Monitor resulotion on the main monitor is 1920x1080 and on the second monitor 1280x1024 (only used for task manager an vpilot, FSX is running in window mode on main monitor). Antivirus is running. No Matrox Powerdesk software is used. Version of Binaries is v1.0.1.197 Version of Resources is v1.0.1.196 Version of SpotLights is v1.0.0.27 VC only is installed. Other add-ons running in the sim: REX Overdrive, several sceneries like Aerosoft LHR, BCN X, Megaairport MUC, VIE and for flying online I use vpilot. My porblem is that when I connect my headset for flying online, I cannot hear any cockpit sounds (like APU fire warn, GPWS callouts or clicks of button pressed or switches moved). Although I can hear the engines running and bleed air working. This happens regardless of my setting in the FSX sound menu. I tried selecting the sound to come from my loudspeakers and the voice from my headset, but this only makes the engine sound move from headset to loudspeakers. The cockpit sounds are still vanished. I am sure that it has to be an issue with the FSLABSA320X, because it works perfectly with Majestics Dash 8Q400. Does somebody know, how to fix this issue or has the same problem? Kind regards Stefan
  5. Very busy airspace departing Seattle.
  6. Stefano Rossi

    ATSU Data Source

    Hello, can someone explain how the ATC data providers in atsu works? Although I selected IVAO (it is green in MCDU) as a source, it is picking atis information from vatsim... is this correct? EDIT: Even if I select "NONE" as source, it picks up data from Vatsim
  7. Frank Xu

    VATSIM Activity

    Fly as SWR127 from Urumqi to Dubai 2016-9-24_22-56-4-146.BMP
  8. Charlie Mck

    Fsx Not Responding With Concorde X

    Hello, I have recently purchased the Concorde X which I am extremely pleased of I must say it is an fantastic product. However there is on problem that makes the Concorde X almost unflyable. I was flying on VATSIM performing a standard depature out of kennedy at I was through FL400 when I rebootings INS number two and around there was an annoying telephone like noise in which stopped around 5 minutes later and then at FL490 my flight simulator stopped responding. I applied the himemfix into the .cfg but when I tried again the same happened. My VAS Usage was around 2.2GB at the time and all addon scenery was disabled apart from the UK2000 Heathrow Extreme. At the time I was achieving around 25fps. My specs: Intel i5 8gb Ram Windows 8.1 64bit 1tb HDD 24gb SSD Intel graphics 4000 thingy Hope you can help Kind regards Charlie McKenna RYR3136
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