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Found 8 results

  1. All is in the title, i use my keyboard and my joystick to taxi and this message appear cause of that.I don't want to see this message anymore because that affect a lot fps on big scenery I just want to move my plane on the ground without lag due to a sample message text. Thanks a lot.
  2. Check out my new series video. Comment, thumbs up, subscribe if you like it
  3. Gerald Krutsch

    Wiper and engine sound while taxi

    Hello guys just another sound question. Today I landed into Munich with moderate rain. Turned on the wipers (why not LOL) and while turning the plane it seemed like the sounds where staying in the same orientation (as if you turned your head away from the windshield). Something simmilar happens with other cockpit sounds but since they are not that loud as the wipers, you tend to ignore the fact that turning the plane actualy "turns" the sound source.
  4. Holger Tillmann

    Taxiing in strong winds

    I took the A320 for a short flight from EDHL to EDDH in the AS16 preset weather file "2016-4-11 21Z.Wx" (recreating the A320 incident of 1 March 2008). The METAR for both EDHL and EDHH is 29035G55KT. While taxying to the active in EDHL, the ac was rocking in the wind to a point that I thought one of the mains would lift off. During the takeoff run it was blown off the runway (25). The landing in EDDH was surprisingly good (-255, almost 0 bank, on centerline), but as soon as the nosegear touched the ground, the ac was blown off the runway again. I have very sturdy rudder pedals, so I was not afraid to kick in rudder immediately, but to no avail. Is this a limit of the A320X's flight model? I have to admit that the weather setting is extreme. Best, Holger
  5. Martin Stacey

    Taxi in after Landing

    Hi. First of all well done FSLabs on what I've been waiting for for so many years, a realistic Airbus Simulation for FSX!!! Now for my slight problem........ The Taxi behaviour seems spot on, I love Taxiing this bird around before take off. However, after landing it will not taxi at Idle thrust, unlike before take off. I need quite some thrust (approx 30% N1) to get her rolling. Bring the throttles to idle and she stops rapidly. Am I doing something stupid???? Martin.
  6. Hello. After starting my engines from Cold and dark, when i begin to taxi, the Max Autobrake keeps disengaging followed by Cab Safety Valve open warnings along with Hydraulic Blue Low level or Hydraulic Green Low level warnings triggering randomly during taxi. In one case, I got Hydraulic PTU fault during engine start. I turned on the yellow electric pump on and turned it off again. The Hydraulic PTU fault disappeared. However, the Low level warning faults kept triggering throughout taxi. It goes off by itself too. Please help me with this. I am very concerned that I would not be able to enjoy A320x because of these frustrating warnings.
  7. Giacomo Mariucci

    [RESOLVED] "Bumpy" taxi

    Hello FSLabs, I've recentely noticed when starting to taxi, that the A320 moves in a really bumpy way, just if it's encountering some holes on the taxyway or something like that. This effect disappears at around 4-5kts. If I stop taxi and start it again, I can still experience this "effect" and, as you can imagine, it's quite annoying. I've got only standard sceneries and no terrain softwares installed. Can you help me solving this problem? Thanks in advance.
  8. Luiz H M Machado

    1 Engine Taxi With An A320 (Oetd)

    Airbus is a marvelous plane. Some operators includes taxi with 1 engine (or single) in SOP - pointed to FCOM 3 for more info. But, to provides support into taxi, usually APU is ON and PTU works like this ( )It´s looks like a siren (yesterday i flew "real" from SBGR - Brasilia (SBBR) and back to Guarulhos (SBGR) at night) and a "Dog" loud call. Also the ELEC PUMP enter in action. more info in http://renewedpilot.com/2012/01/25/whats-the-loud-barking-noise-on-the-airbus-a320/ The A320 has three separate hydraulic systems which actuate the flight controls and other hydraulic systems on the aircraft. Airbus, just to be different from Boeing, named them the green, blue, and yellow systems. The green system is powered by an engine driven hydraulic pump. The yellow system is powered by the other engine’s pump but can also be powered by an electric backup pump. (It can also be partially pressurized by a hand pump to operate the cargo doors… but, that’s not too relevant to this conversation.) The blue system is powered by an electric pump… but, not associated with the PTU. (It does, however, have its own unique backup mechanism… again, beyond the scope of this post.) The PTU is a reversible motor pump located between the green and yellow systems. Hydraulic fluid from either system can drive the pump to pressurize the other hydraulic system. Since the fluid drives the pump, the fluids from each system remain isolated. They do not mix.
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