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Found 9 results

  1. Steven Silva

    Logo and clous Lights

    hello everyone I have a very big problem and it is the next one 1: logo light - on the ground the light bulbs that illuminate the logo seem not lit but in the tail it is illuminated then ignited engines and taxi lights these bulbs are lit in which seems very unrealistic 2: when I go through clouds the strobes, NAV, landing and taxi lights do not light up the clouds and I do not know how to make it work any more, someone can help me with all this
  2. I have been experiencing an issue with the Fslabs a320 in Prepar 3D V3 when i press OK to start the flight with the fslabs a320 selected i get a black screen for a few seconds before the sim crashes. I have reinstalled P3D but still no luck. I thing spotlights might be causing the issue. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance. Here is the windows event viewer error: Prepar3D.exe 560b4abe ntdll.dll 10.0.16299.334 71be8751 c0000005 0002cfd6 31c0 01d3d9cab1840a26 D:\Prepar 3D V3\Prepar3D.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll 81638cdb-7c05-41be-b1ce-8c6be8e2d8a1
  3. Andreas Schneider


    Hi , want to refund the soft i bought after two days. I payed over the regular page the full price. After the refund claim , i got the following massage form the support. While we completely understand your frustration towards this regrettable situation, the offer of a refund is applicable only to paid purchasers of our A320-X for P3Dv4.Since your upgrade was completely free of charge, we are unable to refund the purchase price in this instance.The previous versions of our software did not contain the DRM at issue and we feel it is not reasonable to offer refunds to customers who have purchased the versions of our product which were completely unaffected.We fully understand and appreciate the loss of trust in us because of this DRM issue.However, we believe it does not justify a refund for purchases of older, non-affected versions of our software.We have attempted to make things right by being open and transparent about why the DRM was there (to counter piracy and the great harm and loss of revenue this causes us and other simulator add-on developers) and by removing it when the community was unhappy about its presence.May we once again just emphasize that your system has not been compromised.Developers sometime make unfortunate decisions in the effort to protect their intellectual property.We have taken reasonable steps to fix ours.We hope that in time we can rebuild your trust in us and continue to produce high quality add-ons for the Flight Simulation community. I can not really get , what the Flight Sim Lab wants to tell me, can someone help ? Best, Andreas
  4. Hello, I have opened a ticket several days ago in reference to a problem that I'm having with the installer for P3Dv4. I thought maybe my download was being corrupted, but I cannot get the installer to work, whether I download it with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. I have been waiting several days for an answer to my support ticket, but have heard nothing. Is there something else that I should be doing to get support for my purchase? Thank you, Robert Yunque order number: ST712957280
  5. Dewi Madden

    Tickets being received?

    Hi all, I've submitted a few tickets in to the system over 48 hours ago and not yet received any responses. I'm writing this as I know a few other forum posts have mentioned that tickets can sometimes get lost in the system or fail to show up. Have my tickets been received? as I really need help with the Airbus A320. Thank you Dewi
  6. Brandweermannetje

    Support Ticket System

    I try to sign in to the ticket system but I will not receive an email. So I can not login.
  7. Matthieu Lambinet

    Support needed regarding lights in A320.

    Hi, I need help regarding FSL Spotlights with the A320. Whatever I do I can't keep the light on in the cockpit. What do I mean by that is that I press the button to put them but nothing happen. However, if I start playing with the slide bar on the side of the button, I can see the light working but they don't stay on. I have to move the slide bar to see them on but they never stay on when I stop moving it ! So I tried to change some settings but I don't really now what to change as this is an automatic set up that pop up when I launch the A320. I really need help as flying night time is my all time favorite ! Thanks.
  8. First of all I wish you all, developers, testers and fellow simmers, a great 2017. Of course thanks for the developers who made us a part of this milestone in the never ending history of desktop flight sims. The plane is good but I'm starting to feel as a paying betatester. Even if this feeling has been discussed in recent posts I think the last update really crossed the lines bringing frustration and disappointment in many of us. Apart from the bugs pointed out here and there, there is a clear and big bug in this project: the forum. Angry replies addressing new posters to old posts with the "search" function can't be accepted anymore. Forums must be splitted in subforums: -Installation Faq's. -Activation Related issues -Dx9 and FSX Legacy config suggestions. -Dx10 and fixers config suggestions. -Spotlights issues -Brakes -Steering -Weather engines related interactions -Services (Aoc, pfpx connectiond and so on) -Virtual Cockpit -Refueling Panel device -Remote MCDU -Cockpit (VC) and systems -2D panels and so on. A "pool" might be activated by admins to choose subforum sections. This is of course just a suggestion. But I think will solve most part of frustration and anger while people spend so much time to get what they are looking for in the forum. Ignoring this post by devs would mean throwing another stone in following an unclear strategy of further developing this beauty addon.
  9. Fellow simmers, When you are encountering issues installing, launching the sim and or using Concorde-X the development team and beta testers will do our best to respond and assist you the best we can. In order for us to properly and adequately assist you please help us so we can help you by providing the answers to the below questions when create a post for assistance. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND IN THIS SPECIFIC POST with your installation and/or support issues. 1. Windows OS version and whether 32bit or 64bit? 2. Sim platform and version number? 3. Sim installation path? 4. Did you disable your anti-virus software prior to installing Concorde-X? 5. Did you run the CIVA installer for each of your sim installations? 6. Did you reboot the PC after installing Concorde-X? 7. Are you loading Concorde-X in Window or Full Screen Mode? 8. did you DISABLE your antivirus prior to installing Concorde-X and CIVA (can re-enable after installing) (FSX-only) 9. Is the Trike or Piper Cub the sim's default saved flight? 10. Running DX9 or DX10 and is the latest Steve's DX10 Fixer Program installed? 11. Any Visual/texture shaders mods installed, example Reshade or SweetFX, etc....? (All platforms) 12. Provide detailed explanation of the issue your encountering. 13. All the 3 FSL entries in the DLL.XML file? 14. Did you install the latest FSL Spotlights? If not, please install it. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience and continued support of FSLabs and Concorde-X.
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