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Found 12 results

  1. adambrewis

    FSL PMDG 747 Preset

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has a present for the PMDG 747? I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find one, and it seems like it would take a while to make one. Thanks
  2. Thank you. I used to use Lorby's freeware flashlight but Spotlights is hundred times better than that. As a matter of fact I think it's one of the most essential addon all P3D flight simmers should have. On the FSL A320 it looks gorgeous. Thank you devs for letting us use it for free.
  3. Jordan Reilly

    A320 lighting issue

    Hi all, I appear to have an issue with lighting in vc on the a320. After searching the forum I've tried reinstalling spotlights with av off and excluding the folders. What happens is when mi in my normal chaseplane vc view I get no lights but if I look at the overhead panel, throttle etc. by panning the lights come back. This only happens momentarily and then it's all normal again. I've attached a video showing the problem. Many thanks, Jordan! Prepar3D_03_25.2018_-_21_27_14_01.mp4
  4. Hello all, I recently purchased the incredible A320-X series. I'm stunned at the level of detail - it was definitely worth the wait! Great job, FSLabs. Unfortunately, I am struggling to get Spotlights to work. I'm running steam edition and the FSLabs A320-X, and loading the aircraft at night. I can open the Spotlights manager and play around with the settings, but nothing changes in the cockpit. The dome lights illuminate but do not change the panel light level. The flood lights do not illuminate the panel. I can see the Spotlights icon in the Add-ons drop down menu, but I cannot open anything. I've already read through the forums and disabled Windows Defender. Any advice from anyone who has dealt with this or the FSL team? Thank you!
  5. Andrew Copeland

    A320x Spotlight ini File.

    Hello everyone. Just wondered if anyone has set up the spotlights for Fslabs A320x? I've tried searching the Forums but couldn't find anything. I've seen the ones for other aircraft Aerosofts A318-A321, Boeing etc etc. But couldn't find anything for the aircraft in question. Many thanks
  6. Hello - I'm using P3dv4 and seem to have an unusual issue all of the sudden. Even without the Dome light on, or any cockpit lights on, the cockpit is very bright at night. It's as if there was a dome light on somewhere, yet the switch is off. Oddly, this also is happening with other aircraft as well such as the PMDG 737 - no lights are on, yet the cockpit is bright. Anybody experience something similar? Thanks!
  7. Augusto Luís Ferreira

    SpotLights Not Working

    So yesterday I did what is wrotten in this website and after that my FSLSpotlight stoped working normally, I don't know why! But that makes me feel angry because I cann't have full light in A320X cockpit! What should I do?
  8. MartinHellberg

    Original lights still activating

    Hi, I can't find anything to answer this question: I appear to have everything working according to the manual and what I've read here, but when I switch on a cockpit light, the dome light in the PMDG 736 for example, it seems the original light is also activating alongside the FSL-spotlight effect: is there a work-around? Do I have to alter any files in the aircraft folder to deactivate the original lights?
  9. Florent Martin

    FSLspotlights with 2D panels ?

    Hi ! Probably a stupid question, but just to stay on the safe side : If we choose to install ONLY the 2D panels, as I do, do we need to install FSLspotlight ? Or is it useful just with the 3D panels ? Thanks a lot and sorry if the question was too dumb Florent
  10. Tim Vancauwenbergh

    [Resolved] Stuck on FSX splash screen

    Hi all Yesterday I have bought the A320X for FSX. I installed it according to the instructions mentioned here: Afterwards I installed the FSlabs spotlights. Then I tried to start FSX. After a few minuted I get the Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program (add-on): FSLSpotlights.dll . I click yes but then FSX gets stuck loading on the splash screen. Today I have been waiting for 2 hours but still FSX does not start. I have tried DX10 and DX9 but no luck on starting up FSX. Also not after re-installing all this according to the guide.
  11. flightsimguides

    FsLabs Lighting Issue

    Hi chaps I can't get the nigh lighting to work at all - the panel backlights work ok, but the dome and flood lights have absolutely no effect at the moment. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or something up with DX10? The picture attached is with all of the lights, dome, backlight and flood, all selected on. It's pretty dark in there at the mo! DOn't know what more information to give, really. Cheers, John 2016-8-25_19-42-41-191.BMP 2016-8-25_19-42-56-960.BMP
  12. Khoa Nguyen

    [RESOLVED] Cockpit light

    Hi, I tried many ways to turn on the light in the A320 but it still seems too dark for me, i dont know if i have the problem with FS Spotlight or not ? do you have any idea ? The dome light seems does not bright as well Thanks
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