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Found 7 results

  1. Rudinho Rodriguez

    Tiller not functioning properly

    Hi, I have the Thrustmaster T.16000M Joystick and Throttle. For most of my time I used to taxi with the Axis behind the throttle. I used that as a tiller in FSUIPC and the Rz axis on my joystick as rudder. But this Axis behind the throttle is going loco, even after calibration it remains the same. So I turned to the other option which is using my Rz Axis(Rudder) on the joystick to taxi with MCDU options set to "Pedals Control NWS - ON" and "Pedals DISC BTN Sticky - ON". For some reason when I have it like this, in the middle of a turn it just centers the tiller and stops turning. It's pretty difficult to taxi because most of the time it won't allow me to make turns as I want. I've tried so many different options but I'm out of options now. Any help would be highly appreciated! Cheers.
  2. Peter Kaemmerer

    Hello to everybody !

    First of all i want to say hello to everyone. I am new in this community and already found helpfull hints and interesting Topics. I fly with the FSX for many years and prefere the Airbus for my flights. After Wilco and Aerosoft A319 i bought me the FSLabs A320 now and i must say that i am very impressed. Compared to all the busses i flew before the FSLabs 320 is absolutely amazing. A few "Bugs" i noticed will be surely fixed with upcoming Hotfixes and updates. The plane behaves really natural and authentic. i know what i am talking about. There are only some few Problems i still Need to solve ...... hopefully with your help. 1. Even after reading the Topics in the Forum i still have Problems to configure the throttle of the plane. All of my changes made in the Options and throttle menue of the fmc work ok, but not perfect. It is not possible for me to find the correct detents for CL and FLX. Pulling back the throttle from FLX to Climb after take off always results in a back and forth until i finally found the CL, coz all the detends are so Close to eachother even if i gave them a range of 10. I have a Thrustmaster Hotas X installed . I dont do reverse on stick. i use a button for the reverse. I have FSUIPC in a registered Version, but dont really know how to use it . 2. I still have to find out the correct Settings for the Brakes. Maybe somebody knows a good Setting. At the Moment i have it set as : 0.60, 0.60, ON, 1.00. But that seems to be not the perfect choice. For so many weeks now i try and try but nothing really works good. 3. The rudders are sooooo sensitive. i use them for stearing the plane on the ground. i have the sticky button activated (,) and in FSX i put the Settings of the rudder sensitivity on 0 (!), but the rudder is still overacting and ist very difficult to stear the plane on the ground, even if i never taxi faster than 10 knots. Maybe you can help me solving those Problems. Im sorry if i should have put my first post in a different Folder, but as i am new here i will still learn. By the way, a Special greeting and thank you to "Lefti", who helped me so professional with my Registration Problems. I hope to hear from you and cant wait to do my next flight in the great FSLabs 320. PETER
  3. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to investigate/fix an issue I've noticed for a while when using the A320-X: When under autopilot control, yaw movement would not always be smooth. Instead, at some points, yaw movement would almost stop for a short while, then suddenly accelerate for a short while to make up lost ground, and then resume going smoothly. It's hard to describe, so I tried catching it on video, dropbox link at the bottom of this post. Some more information: - Latest version A320-X, latest version of Spotlights, on FSX-SE and Windows 10. - Does not seem FPS related. also happens at 30+ fps. - Only seems to happen close to the ground, in initial climb of final descend. I haven't noticed it during cruise so far, but I also can't state a definitive airspeed or altitude at which it doesn't happen anymore. What I plan to investigate myself still: - Effect of FSUIPC autosave? test with both on and off: to do. - Effect of rudder pedal deadzone? Test: to do. In the mean time: Has anyone seen something similar? Is this a known issue/effect/problem? I've tried searching the forum and google, but I didn't find anything with the keywords I used. thanks. Finally, the link to the video file: A320 Yaw Issue (mp4 file)
  4. Lefteris Kalamaras

    A320X Controls Mega Thread

    Gents, you will notice that the thrust controls (keyboard and joystick) now work a bit differently from what you're used to in FSX. The way we coded them should make a bit more sense for an Airbus, as we tried to follow the 'gates' methodology as closely as possible. Here's the logic behind them: 1) Joystick: Use the MCDU Menu -> Options page to reach the Thrust Lever Controls page In this page, you can tell the A320 sim: 1) whether your thrust controller has a single lever or two levers 2) whether you will use the stick for controlling reverse thrust or not (i.e. your stick does not go into the reverse range) 3) If you want visual cues ON to tell you if you're in a gate or not with selection "Set Gate Zones" you move to the next page, "Gate Settings" where you can set the joystick range for each gate. The example here is with a single-lever joystick, but the philosophy extends to dual controllers as well. In this page, you can select the lever you want ('BOTH' is the option if you have a single lever) and assign the proper range depending on lever position for each gate. The way I do it, I move the joystick to the full back position, click the THR POS button (LSK R1) once (scratch pad receives the current value), then move it slightly forward a bit and click LSK R1 again. The scratch pad should contain a pair of two values - for example, "-0.988/0.810". Then, press the appropriate LSK for FWD IDLE (LSK L4) to set the range for the FWD IDLE gate. I do the same the next three gates (CL, FLX MCT and TOGA) and that way, my stick is now set up to 'fall into' appropriate gates depending on the values coming to the sim from the joystick. The low/high values for each gate signify the positions within which the A320 Thrust Lever is locked inside a gate and will not 'move'. (i.e. it protects for your hardware's possible jitter). If you have done this correctly, all values will be green. If some ranges fall within each other, the respective values will become amber, signaling that you need to correct them. We pre-calculate default values for you too, so you can click on LSK R6 to get those, and see if you like them. In the example above, I have no reverse thrust position settings defined, as my joystick does not have reverser action - however, I could, if I wanted to, set my REV MAX and REV IDLE positions starting at the full closed joystick setting, but that would mean I'd need to physically mark on my joystick lever where the FWD IDLE position would be. Here's where the visual cues ON setting helps... Keyboard action is a bit easier to grasp: F2 and F3 buttons move the A320 levers back / fwd respectively (as normal). F1 and F4 are a bit different: They are used to move the thrust lever to the next gate, rather than to full back / full forward position. That means that if you are at FWD IDLE, you press F4 to move to CL, then F4 again to move to FLX MCT, and another F4 to move to TOGA respectively. Similarly with F1 - each key press moves the thrust lever back one gate (sound "click" position helps to identify this action). We hope this makes your simming experience a bit more realistic when it comes to thrust controls! Let us know what you think!
  5. Everything performs really well until you have to configure for landing, no matter what speed you do set flaps an overspeed warning triggers continually as long as slats/flaps are not at 0. I followed the procedure and configured at the bottom of the green scale on the BUSS, actually at around 190kt with 7ºAOA and GW 64T. At landing rollout I noticed I had no rudder control. Restarted the scenario, took off, set again the three ADRs to off and again I did not have rudder control. Pedals do move on input though. Will you implement the use of BACK UP NAV? It is not my intention to squeeze every bit of reality of this Sim (though I'll take a look for curiosity) but to be aware of its limits, its bugs, or my personal lack of knowledge. Have a nice day. Before configuring Right after setting Flaps 1
  6. Joan Alonso

    "Amateur" Controls

    Hi, I recently purchased the bus. And being an Aerosoft and Blackbox user I have to say that it has been the best Airbus experience I have ever had in terms of simulation. (By far). The Vc, sounds, displays, events programming... every detail is amazing and I have the feeling of being right there. Awesome. Just a week with her and I feel as anxious to fly it as before I bought it. And I still anxious because this bird is so well made (not ironic) that I have the feeling that is has not been made for an "amateur" user like me. I do not have sim hardware, no joystick, no pedals... just a gamepad. Yep, a gamepad I fly a lot of hours and I enjoy as anyone else having them. I like it that way. I know it has been discussed already, and therefore I will not ask on how to change the InputControlDeltas.ini or how to make rudder and tiller go together... I have tried everything (figures up, figures down, half figures, default file again...) and I have read all posts related to this and I've given up. I could not even make a flight. In fact I couldn't go from the gate to the runway. I gave up today when trying to brake and using the tiller she pulled the nose up and stood there. As I don't care too much about other things like performance, textures... (for me everything else is amazing and/or fixable), this affects the only thing that matters to me (and I guess that for all of us): flying the aircraft, (taxiing her first). I hope that my opinion is not taken as a criticism. I emphasize that it is the best thing I've ever seen. And specially for that reason I am really frustrated not being able to do anything more than just sitting on the vc and looking how good this aircraft has been made. I would like to think that I'm not the only one with a problem like this. And I hope (I will pray for it) that the staff will come with a solution for us in some of the coming updates. I'm sure you are very busy these days, no matter, just saying. Many thanks in advance!
  7. Hi there, I'd be really grateful if someone can provide a definitive answer to this, as I am totally confused by all the various different responses in the forum. I don't have rudder pedals, and use a key assigned to the brakes on my keyboard for braking. Until now this has worked fine for me. However, as some others have reported, this doesn't work so well with the FSLabs bus. I'm having to hold down the brake key for several seconds before there is any response, and then finally the brakes are applied suddenly, bringing the aircraft to a very abrupt stop. The impression I have from reading the various comments is that the braking has been configured with pedals in mind - apart from something about adjusting sensitivity in the FAQs, I can't find a definitive solution to the long delay issue when using a key press for brakes. Is there a solution, or am I going to have to buy some rudder pedals if I want to taxi this aircraft properly?
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