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Found 7 results

  1. I have been searching all over the web and the only IAE a321 pfpx profile was paid on airlinerperformance.net, can anyone share one with me for free? It's crazy how fslabs didn't provide any.
  2. Fraser Gale

    Concorde EROPS PFPX

    Hello people, I have finally found a way to include realistic diversion tactical information on flight plans created with PFPX. It requires some adjustment and it has only been tested using the performance profile I created some time ago. Here is a link to some instructions for setup, I hope people find it useful. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f4j9p6od7fz0kkh/PFPX EROPS CONCORDE.pdf?dl=0 Frazz
  3. Fraser Gale

    PFPX Profile

    Hello all, I have finally created a set of profiles for PFPX to allow Concorde flight planning. While it can never be 100% accurate due to the limitations of the application, the profiles make it a little more bearable when using it to plan new or existing routes. Overall fuel figures are reasonably accurate as long as you apply the Concorde fuel policy that I have also included. Here is a link to the files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3wmx1chsnqppf14/AAA6C0DlxOHMwysM9zMzNFjva?dl=0 There is a "read me" file to help you out. Cheers, Frazz
  4. Nik Mur


    I used the search but did not find everything in one place, I think it would be useful https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/7242-pfpx-profiles/ PFPX https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/9033-topcat-274-profile/&do=findComment&comment=70280 TOPCAT(maybe there is a newer version I do not know) I compared these profiles and noticed a difference data... -in the profile pfpx differs: 1) the number of passengers must be 168 2) The DOW must be 42841kg 3) fuel and cargo must be fuel 18727 kg\cargo 8827 kg and another question EngineType = CFM56-5B4 / SAC P, what is SAC P? -in the profile topcat differs: the data is correct
  5. Carlos Alvarez

    MDCU Routes

    Hi! I don't know what's happen but I no longer avail to find routes automatic from the MDCU by pressing INIT REQUEST, everytime I press that buttom says INVALID F-PLAN UPLINK, before I change to a new computer works fine but not anymore! Any ideas, that this happen to you as well? I hope there is a fix to this Have a nice day everyone
  6. Skubidus

    Flightplan import?

    Hello, I recently bought the FSLabs A320X. Before that I always used to play around with either the PMDG 737NGX or the Aerosoft Airbuses. I'm using PFPX in conjunction with TOPCAT to plan my flights and used to just export the PFPX-flightplans to the respective addon-aircraft's "flightplan-folder". However, I didn't find an option within PFPX (neither on Simbrief.com) to export to the FSLabs A320. I started researching a bit and the only thing I found was a way to import flightplans into the FSLabs Airbus via some AOC System. The big downer with that one is though, that this AOC system only seems to import flightplans when you are using VATSIM or the other online flight platform (forgot the name). You guys from FSLabs did an amazing job on the Airbus. Myself and a lot of people were really looking forward for that one to be released. What I don't understand though is, that you made such an awesome product and then didn't implement an easy way to import flightplans into it. If there actually IS an easy way to import flightplans without having to use VATSIM, then I didn't say anything and would appreciate, if someone could tell me how to. Cheers Skubidus
  7. What does 'NO ANSWER TO REQUEST' mean on INIT page of MCDU ...? Everyday something new to sort out. And YES everything is setup, done, imported, saved, folder, file between PFPX and AOCService and was working fine until this morning. Nothing changed, nothing different from yesterday >>>>> back to manually enter a flightplan. This AOCService is more of a pain as a joy on my rig #justsaying There is another link on the forum with the same question with no answer to resolve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.
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