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Found 22 results

  1. Concorde Performance System X: http://concordeperformancesystem.org/ Concorde Performance System X (referred to as CPS-X hereafter) is a standalone utility which can be used with SSTSIM for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (aka FS9) and FSLabs Concorde X for FSX, FSX-SE, P3D v2.x and v3.x. It allows the most demanding simmers to plan any Concorde flight either subsonic or supersonic. Any airport included in the simulator can be chosen as departure, destination or alternate, provided that it has a long enough runway to takeoff or land Concorde. CPS-X is only a fuel
  2. Fraser Gale

    Take-off Calculator

    I thought I'd share this in case anyone finds it useful. It will give you results for any combination of runway length/slope/elevation so you can fly out of any runway as long as you have access to the relevant airfield charts and the METAR. Just a health warning: I have got is at accurate as I can from the performance data available so it is fine for simulator use, but some Concorde data doesn't fit equations very well, hence some numbers might not be exact. It is not very "automatic" by modern standards because the actual program is built for the HP200LX pocket computer that the cre
  3. Janis Rieger

    How well can I run the FSL A321-X?

    Hello dear flight simmers, First of all I am new to this forum and I guess this is the right section to post it. Yesterday, I purchased a new PC and I´d like to know how well I could run the A321 for P3Dv5 (It doesn´t work for FSX:SE, does it?). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (17,828 Passmark CPU points) RX 5700XT 8GB VRAM (16,729 Passmark CPU points) 32GB RAM 3200MHz 1TB M.2 SSD (R:2000MB/s W:1700MB/s) -----------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hi guys As i only get 25-30 FPS when flying over water in 1440p, i was wondering if its possible to set 1080p in the setting but telling the GPU to render at 4K and then resizing to 1080p, I think it's called downsampling something like that ?. In 1440p, my 1080ti is barely used less than 40-45% so still have some GPU power available but it this possible in p3Dv4 ? In 1440p, the gauges a,d texture look sharps in the fslab and I fear that it would be not the case if i go in 1080p, also how much FPS can I expect from 1440p to 1080p ? Thanks
  5. Much has been said about this over the months and years, but I’m going to add my few quid because I’ve had a huge degree of success with it. Therefore, perhaps some of you can benefit from my experience. Firstly, simmers tend to be obsessed with frame rates, in the mistaken belief that higher frame rates are the key to a great flying experience. This is completely wrong. Frame rates are important in first person shooter games, where on the onscreen action is fast and furious and milliseconds are the difference between winning and losing. What us simmers need (I’m a gamer as well by t
  6. K_e_n_a_n__A_g_h_a_y_e_v

    A319/A320 Takeoff and Landing Performance Calculator

    Version 2.0


    For A320 CFM56-5B4 variant. Based on the FCOM and QRH tables of a particular airplane and might not coincide with the data of MSN modeled by FSLabs. MS Excel REQUIRED. For any questions/suggestions feel free to contact me by PM.
  7. kester.rice

    Can I run the A320?!

    Hi Guys, I'm sure you probably get this type of question a lot, but I need advice on whether to purchase with my specs Specs are as follows: Intel i3 6100 (5494 rated) GTX 1050ti (5804 rated) 16gb DDR4 ram Windows 10 64bit FSX Steam Edition I would really love to fly the fslabs a320 but with no trail system I don't want to risk £80 if the performance is too low so I would really appreciate some opinions. Most of the system seems alright according to the product page, except the CPU, which is slightly below minimum, of course I understand that there will
  8. Jack Sparrowhawk

    P3Dv4 and 8gb RAM

    Hello, I am very interested to purchase this product! I am just wondering on how my PC would run with 8GB worth of ram... I saw on the website it said: '<Minimum 16gb of RAM' Is 8gb enough? What does RAM do exactly in P3D V4? Does this affect performance ? I would love to get this aircraft! I'm too scared to purchase in case of the bad FPS. By watching videos online with the difference performance with the 8gb and 16gb I don' notice a big change in FPS or stutters for example... All I can see is maybe a 4-8fps decrease. My setup is: Intel
  9. Joan Alonso

    Weather radar performance

    Hi, First of all I would like to thanks FsLabs for 1.Making such a great product. 2.Making such a great forum, where you can talk not only with other users but with the staff. I was one of those who claimed for a brake and rudder solution for those who play with no hardware. And now the experience it's brilliant. It's awesome to fly this beast with such inmersion: vc, systems, procedures, behaviour, PA knob (really?), sound... I have now upgraded to P3D, and the result is even better. Superb. But one of the things that worry
  10. Dave Hoffman

    VAS and Performance tips!

    Hello all, I'm a new customer to FlightSimLabs, and I'm not disappointed. I have use both the boxed versions of FSX, and FSX-SE, and am now running Prepar3D and trying not to look back. Over the years, and in conference with a friend of mine who is also an avid simmer, I have discovered some performance enhancing techniques for your sim. Some of these can be easily found on the internet, but here, I am going to focus on P3D, and without getting too specific as to my system settings. The reason being that P3D is more stable than FSX, and is delicate, but more fault-tolerant. I
  11. 777cap

    A Guide to MipMapping

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to make a simple tutorial on how to mipmap and optimize your aircraft textures,both internally and externally. This subject has been discussed in the past,but is more or less ignored by most people.There is an assumption that we pay for the best quality scenery,aircraft etc..with an underlying assumption that the product has been thoroughly optimized.Most people find out later..that this infact is not true.In interest of keeping this topic as short as possible,I will not go into further details about this. But why mention something
  12. Jamie Boreham

    Performance Improvements that worked for me

    Hi everyone! Since I downloaded the (fantastic) FSLabs A320 I've been feeling like my system hasn't been performing as well as it should be.I followed the settings suggestions in the forum but, when I compared my settings and performance with videos from other users online it seemed that the only way I could dream of getting the same frames and smoothness was to drop my settings to really low quality. Of course - I didn't want to do that! So I've been searching for a guide that makes it easier for someone with very little understanding of how graphics and performance
  13. mmoore0324

    Do AA settings affect VAS?

    Hello all, I've recently built a new machine specifically for the release of the wonderful FS Labs A320X. From a performance standpoint, everything is good. I get 40 - 50 FPS in the cruise and 25-38 FPS on the ground depending on what airport I'm at. The issue that I'm having is with VAS. I have followed all of the guides on this forum along with some that I've found on Youtube. I understand that this product, for now, has a trade off between scenery visuals and flying performance. I'm still trying to dial in that medium. I won't dive into my each and every setting as they
  14. Jan Praprotnik

    horrible performance on good pc

    Hello, I have: Genuine FSX SP2 , FSUIPC, and FSLabs A320. Nothing else! No add-ons or anything! This can tell you how desperate I want to fly A-320. PC: Win 10, i7 6700@3.4ghz,gtx 970.16Gigs of ram HT off or on no difference actually, and yes, all threads are on , CPU usage is around 50% goes up to 100% from time to time. I can not get above 25 FPS, 20 at takeoff Tnx in advance, cheers
  15. Vivek Sheth

    Will it work with this system ?

    I want to buy fslabs a320 but I have fairly old PC . I just want an insight what performance will get ? PC config :- Processor - AMD 1090t Black edition . Base clock 3.2ghz over clock 3.6 GHz . 6 cores . Motherboard - GIGABYTE 780 LMT USB3 Ram - Gskill ripjaws 8 GB 1666mhz Graphic card - Asus gtx 950 2gb strictly edition. PSU - 650 watts . Thank you.
  16. Michal Trzaska

    Fluctuating FPS

    Hi, I have a weird issue with FPS, basically it is around 25-30 in VC, on my AMD 8250 / Geforce 980, but every 20-25 seconds it drops down for about 5-8 seconds, and after that it returns back to 25 - 30. In 2D cockpit it is similar, I have 50-60 FPS and every 20 - 25 seconds it drops down to 18-20. Any ideas to this? best regards
  17. mo071299

    8-year CPU with performance issues

    Hello everyone, i bought the FsLabs A320 yesterday and installed it. I experiencied very massive performance issues in the VC, although I have an I7-920, 12GB RAM and a NVIDIA GTX 660 I only have about 10-15 fps. I already set everything up so I have outside the VC about 40fps but not in the VC. Textures are on 1024. Thanks for your help.
  18. Raoul Disteldorff

    Concerns about performance

    Hello as I have read numerous times here on the forums, the FSL A320 seems to be very demanding on frames and as a P3D user I didn't have the chance to get my hands on this beauty yet so I just wanted to ask if my system would cope with the FSL A320 in P3D (as for all the other add ons its all smooth, PMDG 777 etc) My system: intel core i7 4720HQ 3,6 Ghz 8GB RAM 500GB HDD Win 8.1 nvidia GTX 960M many thanks in advance
  19. Chris D

    WIll it work ok with this system?

    I saw on another forum that this lovely plane is released - and was about to purchase it last night, until I read about the performance requirements. I've got a Mac Pro running Windows 7 x64, Intel Xeon 3.2ghz and Radeon 5870 1gb. Also have 8gb ram - which I can upgrade to 16gb, 32gb or more. I generally run FSX at 2560x1440, the native resolution of the screen I have. I know FSX doesn't care so much about graphics cards - it CPU power (high clock speeds), will it work with okay frame rates (eg, 25-30fps)? I can upgrade the ram, and I could upgrade the graphics card i
  20. ConstantinXIV


    Owning this airplane is bittersweet. It's the best aircraft addon for FSX so far, but the low settings I need to have in order to get acceptable fps... that's just horrible! I had my FSX settings almost at max for PMDG NGX with ok fps, but now.. it's like I'm back in the days when I had a dual core processor(I have i7 4790 4.0 now) . Flying with these terrain settings is not immersive at all. Don't get me wrong the airplane is beyond amazing! I hope that better CPU's come available soon.
  21. Hello, I have quite a big problem- I installed Concorde X yesterday and wanted to test it immediately, but when I loaded the aircraft via the FSX menu and pressed ''Go flying'' it loaded but after it loaded the systems there was an ''invalid licence'' error and FSX closed. Then I started FSX again and started the Perf. Manager, but all buttons were grayed out and it said: FSX Status: Disconnected. I absolutely dont understand what happened. I have the box-version of Concorde X v1.2 (with SP2 built-in) bought from Aerosoft and installed as administrator on Win 7 Home Pr. 64-bit and FSX stand
  22. Ramón Cutanda

    How To Get The Most Out Your Pc

    First, apply Bojote's tweaks: http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html They really work GREAT and will do wonders for most of you. The only thing I'd rather not do is to use an external limiter. I prefer the internal FSX's limiter to 30 fps. Then I always apply this nVidia Inspector for my nVidia graphics card: If you don't mind to get you hands "dirty", then the AVSIM Software and Hardware Guide for FSX is a MUST Appart from that, I always TURN OFF land and sea traffic, which hits very had on FPS. Also, I have to lower autogen to normal or lower in complex sceneries in order to avoid OOM
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